Plumbing for pickup truck

I recently bought a buffer tank - 65 gallons and has a 3/4” NPT fitting.

Should I maintain 3/4” plumbing to the inlet on my pressure washer (4gpm)? What size filter should I be using inline?

Also, I want to cycle back water into the tank when I’m off the trigger. How would I plumb this back into the water tank?

Does anyone have any diagrams and videos on how to plumb everything as well?

We need a pic of your machine, including the unloader.

It’s this model here:

Honda GX390, CAT pump, belt drive

Ok good, belt drive fully plumbed. You’re ahead of the curve for a beginner.

3/4 can easily carry 4gpm

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If it were mine, I’d go with a 1 inch in case you decide to upgrade your GPM in the future. I used the washer that came with the banjo fitting as a stencil to cut the hole bigger with a jigsaw. It doesn’t have to be machine shop perfect to work properly.

I ended up ordering a 1” fitting.