Plow lights

I know, I know it’s a pressure Washing forum… but I’ve come to have alot of respect for the guys here and the forums I’m finding seem to be a bit intense!!! I know alot of you guys plow in winter. I’m looking for some direction on a 360 degree light bar for the top of my truck. What’s best and what should I stay away from. Thanks

I’ve ran the amazon one and it’s very bright. It lasted 5-6 years. I can get a part number.

Yea if you dont mind. Or maybe a link. Thankyou sir

This is the same unit I purchased years ago. It had tons of run time on the pilot cars. The controller went bad and I scrapped it. But for the cheap price it’s a throw away after a few years. I’m putting green/amber on the limo. But different brand.

Cool thx

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