Please suggest a reel for me

I need a good reel for a water supply/garden hose. Something that will hold 150’ of hose, isn’t crap but won’t cost me an arm and a leg. I appreciate any help.

I use Hannay.
Titans are recommended a lot.


Hannays are high dollar, but they’re worth it! When I was in the fire service we had Hannay reels that were 50 years old and still flawless. We just repainted them from time time and reinstalled them when we got a new truck. (It was kinda cool seeing a guy in an old black and white photo with his arm on a reel I had just loaded hose on!)

When I upgrade my roof cleaning equipment a Hannay will be holding the 3/4 hose.


“Isn’t Crap, But Won’t Cost An Arm & A Leg”…don’t usually go together well. That being said…Titan.

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Hannay. I am admittedly biased because I sell them…but we also use them in active roof and surface cleaning operations and I’ve tried…and broken… many other reels. Not a single failure on a Hannay in several years.

I have a custom version they make for us that I sell for chemical use (Roof and DS) that has no manifold so you cannot rot it out a manifold running SH or acids thru them.

The hose reels, for 150’ of 3/4" water is $325 plus shipping in green, blue, grey and red. Yes, you can definitely buy cheaper reels…and then buy another cheaper reel…and then buy another cheaper reel. Or you can buy a Hannay and be done with it. If you Power wash, your supply reel is being used multiple times per day, every day, so a good reel is worth the investment. One other thing to note…that is a 3/4" manifold. Every other water reel out there is a 1/2" manifold so they are restrictive. If you ever think you need longer, they make the same reel that will hold 200’ of 3/4"…no extra cost except a bit more shipping since it is bigger.

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Northern Tool has a decent manual one for $59. It is rated for pressure 100ft. of pressure hose but they have different ones.

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Thanks guys for all the advice. I fully understand the practice of “buy once, cry once” and know I should just throw down on a good reel. But to be honest I just need a quick fix to get me into the summer and I’ll get a nice one. I’ve only been at this for 6 months, business is slow right now and I don’t wanna shell out a lot of cash till it picks up in the spring. So while I know it’s not right, I’m trying to work with what I have.

If all you’re looking for right now is a supply hose reel, you can pick one up at Lowes or HD that will last you a few seasons. Might not look the best, but it will work to get you by. I got one last year with the same mindset as you have, and it just keeps tickin’. I probably won’t have a good excuse to upgrade it until next year. Cost me $40 and holds 150’ of 3/4" supply hose. (Don’t skimp one the HOSE though…MEAN GREEN is the way to go!

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Tractor Supply. They have one for about $69 if memory serves me correct. We bought one for sh!ts and giggles. Lasted 4 months.

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Do you have hand crank hannays or the 12v?
I am looking at putting 3 hannay 12v on our new truck - cant decide between them or the titans…
I have a titan for our roof wash setup and love it - I really love the fact that the titans are all stainless…
do you have any issues with the hannays rusting out?
I have a couple cox reels right now that look like hell from all the SH…our titan which was bought at the same time still looks like new…

Hand crank. They have held up great.

I’m in the market for a supply reel as well. I have 150’ of 3/4" hose. From what I’m gathering are Titans out of the question with 3/4"? What model Hannay are you guys referring too and who should I order it from? Thanks guys!

Thanks for posting this question. I had the same one.

I have a followup: Won’t you need adapters to make it fit a garden hose? Is it 3/8 to GHT? Do you need a short hose to connect the pressure washer to the supply line real? Do you build your own short hose (mine always leak) or is there a place to buy them? Thanks!!

Are you talking about a reel for your garden hose supply line or 3/8" pressure washer hose? The Hannay reel I got for my 3/8" pressure washer hose came with a 1/2" inlet and outlet. I just added a 1/2" X 3/8" bushing.

As for as a whip going from your pressure washer to hose reel you can order them from just about anywhere or have one made locally. My local John Deere dealer or even Napa can make them. (think hydraulic hose) Figure out what length you need first. I ordered a couple of whips when I ordered my 3/8" hose from United Hose. Any pressure washer website should have them. I’ve even seen them on Amazon.

Thank you. Yes a reel for a garden hose supply to my pressure cleaner which has a standard hose thread inlet. A whip line - that’s the term I was looking for. So it would need a 1/2 inch thread on one side and a 3/4 hose thread on the other I think.

As long as the reel you buy has a 1/2" outlet. I bought a reel with a 1" outlet and inlet for my garden hose because fittings is where you lose flow.

You’re correct about 3/4" hose thread. I believe all standard garden hoses have 3/4" garden hose thread. The reel will vary depending on the type and model number.

That’s a great idea…getting a bigger outlet. My machine is only 4gpm so I’m not sure if it would matter that much.