Please recommend good sealer for yellow pine fence

Hello folks. I cleaned a good number of fences but always shied away from staining. Recently customer kept on bugging me to clear seal her fence after I clean it. Told her I wasn’t very experienced she said she didn’t care so it is a chance for me to gain some experience. What do yall use that can be applied via airless sprayer or pump-up sprayer?

Thank you.

I wouldn’t use a clear sealer. Use something with some color to protect the wood from uv rays. You don’t want it turning gray again.

You can pretty much spray any stain through an airless sprayer. I’ve sprayed solid Super Deck which is almost the same consistency as paint. A little thinner though.

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Ready Seal - great stain and you don’t have to back brush - all I will use and readily available pretty much nationwide.


So just spray on and walk? Sounds great

yep, doesn’t show runs. Only problem is they don’t have grays, just browns

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Do not use a clear sealer on fences or decks. Simply put, it just doesn’t hold up. Semi-transparent stains are decent but I like semi-solid stains even better. 23 years in the painting business has taught me a few things!


@Racer @marinegrunt Folks, I appreciate your input. Thank you!

Racer, I have been reading up on Ready Seal and it seems like a great product. I searched for reviews and the number one complaint is that the stain doesn’t last much longer than 12-14 months. I understand that it all depends on the prep work prior to applying but have you had any issues or call back from a customer who was unsatisfied after a year or so when using this product?
Thank you!

Check the reviews on any stains, they all have good and some bad.

It does great on fences 5-6 years. On decks need to reapply every couple of years. That’s generally true with most stains. The problem you have is most customers think they can stain one time and it lasts forever. Not true for any stain. The advantages of an oil based stain is that to reapply, you just need to lightly clean it and then recoat. The surface won’t flake like a water based stain.
The other reason I like Ready seal is here we gt a lot of sudden thunder showers and it can get rained on in an hour and still be fine.

There are other good penetrating oil stains out there. The Bakers Gray-Away is good but doesn’t have good distribution here in the SE as well as taking longer to dry.

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