Please let us know

I just wanted to reach out to the PWR group and ask a couple of questions:

  1. What type of products or services would you like to see from us at
  2. How can we better serve you?

Just a bump here for Mike’s post, please if you have any feedback we want to know how we can get better for you.

Maybe a “Million Gallon Fresh Wash Giveaway” campaign?

In all honesty, what about trial sizes of Fresh Wash. 15 ounces would be enough to give a person a good idea of how it worked, and it would be reasonable to ship. This may be a good way of introducing Fresh Wash to some who have been on the fence due to the cost+shipping.

I can’t think of anything. Sites easy to use.maybe contest to win small prizes.

I probably should have looked before posting this but you guys provide training correct?
Do you also provide online tutorials? I personally am new to concrete cleaning this spring
and have worked lined up at a handful of banks. Do you provide any tutorials on cleaning
concrete, including how to’s and what chems to use?

Good idea Micah!!!

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We do provide training DVD’s and hands on here at our Fort Worth location. There may be something in our free article section as well.

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Thanks Alex. The site is always under development so to speak. Technology is always changing so we are constantly trying to keep up with the changes.

We will do some contest. Do you have any suggestion as to what you would like to see?

I always like the best before and after pic. Show your deck stain before and after. Things like that

Just taking the time out to say thanks to Trey for the help. It was services well matched. Can’t wait to try the fresh wash.

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You’ll love the FreshWash.
As for Michaels question here I can say I have known Michael for yrs and he is always wondering and asking what he can do to help us succeed with our businesses. He’s extremely grounded and when he ask what he can do to help you(us) that says volumes. I’ll also add Mike is lucky to find a guy Like Trey to work for him. Trey would probably tell you he’s lucky as well. There a great match and that benefits us as well. Both contractors who know first hand what guys like us deal with.