Please help with adapter sizing

Hi all,

I currently have a WF80710 pressure washer and I want to clean my gutters. I ordered an extension from Amazon hoping it would just connect to the wand I have.

This is the extension I ordered: Briggs & Stratton 6206 Pressure Washer Extension Wand, 9-Feet

The problem I am having is that the male end of the extension does not fit into the wand.

The left side is the wand and the right side is the extension. The right side is too big. The threads look different too.

Does anyone know what kind of an adapter I will need?

Thanks in advance!

M22 to 1/2” or 3/8”.

Can you take both parts to a hardware store?

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Yes, I think so. I tried to look up the information on my pressure washer wand but I couldn’t find what the sizing is on it. I just assumed it would have worked but I guess not because I just have a cheap pressure washer.

Another thought I had was to simply buy a new wand that would work with this extension but I think it would be cheaper to find the adapter.

And don’t take my word for the M22 size either. That was on the top of my head, but I am fairly certain you need a metric to a standard adapter

The M22 denotes Metric 22 millimeter? The 1/2" or 3/8" is the standard size?

So I would probably need either:

  1. 1/2" male to M22 female
  2. 3/8" male to M22 female


The Briggs extension says the inflow is a M22 fitting. I’m surprised it doesn’t fit because all homeowner pressure washers I’ve seen use a M22 fitting on the gun, hose, and pump outlet. Make sure you’re pushing hard enough. It might not hurt to put some o-ring grease or Vaseline on the o-ring that’s on the inside at the end of your gun.

Did your gun come with your pressure washer? What’s the make and model? We might be able to look it up and see what size the outlet fitting is on your gun.

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I’ll take a quick video when I get home to show you. Not only does it not fit, the threads look different so even if it did fit, the extension would not screw in correctly. :frowning:

Yes, the gun came with my pressure washer. The make and model is: Workforce WF80710.

It’s from 2009 so I’m having difficulty finding the right sizes… I think I might just need to take the gun and extension to the hardware store to figure out which adapter I would need.

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Check out part numbers 31. 32, and 33. They all say that the lance that came with your pressure washer is a M22 fitting. The Briggs specs also say that your new extension is a M22 fitting. The picture you posted looks like M22 threads.

You’re the one there looking at it though so I can’t really argue with what you’re saying. I can say with almost 100% certainty that it has to be either M22 or 3/8". I don’t think they really use any other sizes. 3/8" is going to be quite a bit smaller though so if your Briggs wand is close to fitting or at least close in diameter it’s hard saying what size it could be.

I found out what the problem is… Take a look at the openings:

  1. Far left is the original wand
  2. Middle is the extension connection
  3. Far right is the wand connection

The opening is larger inside which is why the extension was not fitting into the wand. I filed away the inner diameter and it now fits!

It was indeed a M22 fitting but the ID was different.

Thank you for helping me!