Please help identify these stains. SH won’t touch it

Hello friends.

I was soft washing a mobile home today. It turned out alright but there were some black stains on soffit board that I wasn’t able to remove with SH. I tried my usual house wash, I tried 12% directly on stains I tried brushing them - nothing worked. Guy was happy with the outcome but I wasn’t. Does anybody know how to get them off the vinyl?

@DisplacedTexan is this the infamous fallout?

One Restore is the only reliable product I’ve found for this. I’d love to find something cheaper, but haven’t so far.

Looks like it but I’ve never seen it in such a definite pattern like that. It’s odd.

I 2nd OneRestore.

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Cant tell by the pic but if bleach doesn’t work it usually needs an acid. We carry Muriatic. If not then try a degreaser.

Oxidation from the metal flashing above it.

I got two guesses – guesses. One, there is a bathroom exhaust venting through the soffit on that side (or a trailer furnace). Two, there is an interaction occurring with the baffles and the soffit.

That’s all I got.

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thank you for sharing the knowledge. I will start carrying oxalic for that.

I thought it was a vent exhaust as well. It looks like a dirt from the vent but it usually easily cleaned with SH so I know it isn’t it…

Only saw one part of the trailer so that is my guess. “If” they exhaust anything through their soffit, bathroom exhaust fan, dryer, kitchen stove fan, furnace, or hot water heater, the greases and or soot may not come off with SH. I hope they aren’t exhausting through their soffit, it can cause issues. T

@Dirtyboy The entire perimeter of the trailer looks like that. Guy said trailer sat on the for 4 years and it looked like that when it was delivered.

My guess is the trailer dealer was near a manufacturing/industrial area and the natural attic intake/exhaust sucked that dirty air in over the years and left that nice design there. I’m assuming the upside-down V pattern aligns with where the rafters sit.

Well after a second look at the pics I am probably wrong on the rafter idea. They’re too close together. Nevermind me. Carry on.