Playground equipment


Hey guys. Quick question. Does anyone know any other chemicals one could use on playground equipment for sanitation. Was hoping something besides SH that might be safer.


I would think SH would be ideal?


That’s what I was thinking just wanted to make sure. I was asked do you think it would stain rubber mulch?


Downstream housewash mix. The active ingredient will be rinsed off and evaporate shortly.


Ok thanks @Nashvillewash do you think there is any chance in staining the mulch?


I would be concerned about faded fiberglass, sun bleached wood, powdercoated metal etc.


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I’ve done two plastic play areas - with the clear panels (windows), slides, crawling tubes etc. one completely outdoors and one under cover.

Not sure if you will be cleaning this type of structure, but I had no problems with the chemicals reacting badly.

Be careful though! If you get too close trying to get marks off with the nozzle it changes color, say from light red, to dark red for example. Then you have to do the whole panel uniform, like you would with decking.

I didn’t enjoy doing the inside. Never again. Kids do “things” in there and there are some not so pleasant smells in a small space, ugh. Never again.


Nope. Dont let mix dry on anything (but a roof) ever.