Plastic vs stainless steel

Probably already know the answer but reassurance always helps me feel confident in my build lol.

I bought some plastic hose barbs for my soft wash setup to add pieces of kuri tec hose to my pumps and to go from accumulator to the hose reel.

Reason i went with plastic instead of stainless was because everything they will be put on is stationary and isn’t getting pulled, bent or yanked on.


Yep, always use plastic whenever possible when you’re dealing with high concentrations of bleach. Some plastics are better with SH than others (you can look up a material compatibility chart), but I’m pretty sure any of them would be better than stainless.

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They are the ones for Bob’s softwash so i assume they are ok for bleach they just seemed kind of flimsy so it made me second guess plastic.

Thanks Alex!

I’m with @Infinity on that. Plastic if its not going to get tugged on… @Grizz looks like your having the same fun as me lol.

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Ya fun lol $$$$$$. Ill be having fun when im spraying a roof with this thing making the $$$


I just built this a week or so ago to go on tbe new trailer with a pressure Tek 5800 pump… I’m hoping to be spraying my little butt off on some roofs myself$$$$$

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I was going to use a gun but everyone thats been doing this for awhile is running a ballvalve for adjustable flow. Im going to try the jrod mainly because ive never tried it. Ive never had to with rick because he has a secret 99 cent shooter tip that works just fine.

Thats a long wand you have there.


Is that a threaded pvc pipe or sleeves on the end?

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I have that same organizer for my nozzles and QC’s. I used a labler and labled the psi/diameter, it makes so much easier to find things


I’d go ahead and throw that ST-510 in the trash. Mine failed the first time I used it (thank god it was only water because I was testing it at home). Get a 1/2” schedule 80 PVC ball valve instead.

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Whenever I get my soft wash pump setup, this is going to be my trigger gun. Pretty easy to adapt the garden hose thread to accept a jrod.

At a dollar a piece, I’ll have a bucket full of spares.

I’ll have a pvc ball valve before it for when it starts to leak, and find some viton o-rings to take the place of the rubber garden hose gaskets.


Plastic will fail quickly with SH . Sch80 pvc hold up decent. Poly fittings are better especially the good one that are fiber / poly blend. They do sell all fittings in kynar . But it’s all a trade off
Stainless steel especially 316 stainless “ the expensive stuff “ will last a while and take more abuse.
I use mainly sch80 pvc without many problems. I do try to replace them once a year because they will get brittle otherwise

They had me at blue. I’m gonna buy them all!!! You can have the green ones though.

Seriously let me know if they’re water tight with the valve closed. I’ll buy a bucket of them.

What failed on yours . I’ve been using them for years . I usually get about 4-6 months out of mine without any rinsing. I just consider them a consumable like injectors and keep at least one extra on the truck

Mine the trigger cracked right down the center so I kept punching my hands when I used it and threaded bung on top cracked down the side where the pvc “wand” goes in which killed it for good. I honestly like the garden hose sprayer best between that trigger and the ball valve.

Wow I’ve never had that happen. Mine always fail the same way. The spring inside gets rotted and breaks then the gun won’t stop spraying.

@Harold threaded reducer with qc’s

The spring in mine is getting weak and intermittently won’t stop. The new one is going to be in use next week. I did the ball valve before I bought the gun, I like the gun much better.