Plant wash?

Anybody ever used these plant wash chemicals? I’ve been having some grass and flowers getting burns even with thorough rinsing.

I know at least one of them is just repackaged bulk Miracle Grow.
My suggestion would be to rinse and water more thoroughly.

I figured something was up with them. Haven’t heard much talk about them. Thanks.

Here’s the key, wet everything which includes siding, windows and plant life. Apply cleaning solution and then give windows a quick rinse and soak plant life. Power rinse solution off of house(call it soft washing if that floats your boat) and then soak plant life again.

We use so much SH on most of our jobs at high strength and we haven’t killed anything in years… Rinse rinse and rinse again.

Rinse Rinse Rinse. All you need is H20

John Devine.