Plant Killing from chemical

I washed two houses 6 days ago
using my SH like normal
i rinsed all the flowers and plants and bushes before and after
just got a call from owners and they said that all their plants are dying and leaves are falling off

i mix 50/50 and chemical injector i think is 10 to 1
she is not mad just concerned and said not a big deal as long as they come back next year since summer is almost over BUT I have not had this problem before and CAN NOT have this problem any suggestions and experience with plants to know if they will come back next year

What do you all do about flowers and plants

before and after arent as big of a deal as during - think of it more that you don’t want the SH to dry on the leafs…SH in the soil isn’t nearly as bad as it is on the leafs if allowed to dry… We use a 2 person team to avoid this, before during and after…

Ok. Also What is the best mix ratio 50/50 or can I go down on mix and still be effective

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It really all depends on the surface you are cleaning. Some algae on gutters in my area needs a hotter mix than 50/50 but not always, also depends on your soap you use. With fresh wash I have been experimenting with ratios.

Britton Emerson
Emerson Exteriors

Rinse rinse and rinse again, before, during and after. This is our main reason we use 8gpm machines because of their rinsing capabilities.

if your getting 10:1 you can go down. 2gal SH 3 H2O. Just make sure to rinse after and dont let soap dry on the plants

and of course make sure your using a surfactant which im sure you are but maybe go up an ounce or two

Also you could try plant wash. It was a product out out by softwash systems and is sold by the power wash store in Milwaukee. I use it everytime I use SH around any landscaping and never have had anything die

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Just curious what size machine were you using GPM?

8 gpm

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what was the soap??

not sure exactly what soap the guy i get my stuff from adds a soap to it that does not break down the chlorine always use it and never had problems before