Planning for upgrades

First year ing this business but so far it has been going very well. I am considering upgrades for next year. Debating on either hot water, softwash system or a bigger washer. Right now I’m using a 4gpm 4000psi which has worked great. I k ow it depends on which way I want to go. I would like to eventually get in to doing more concrete work. I was looking into just adding a hot box to my washer. But my question is. If I didn’t need the hot water like when I washing a house, can i switch from running my line to the hot box to the hose reel?
With an actual softwash system, about the only thing it would really help me on is roof washing. I am dowslnstreaming now and it works great for me since it’s just me. But I don’t know if their is a market in my area for roof washing. I have only done one so far, it was metal and I had to scrub it. But seeing if anyone has advise, or what their first upgrades were.

12v for roofs, love it