Pine pitch on Everything

I am trying to remove sap (pine pitch) from trex decking, stone walkways, and stone patios. Any recommendations on removing the sap? I tried hot water with pressure and house mix.

It should be soluble with alcohol… buy the cheapest vodka you can get, pour it on and drink a little… it’ll make the whole process a lot more enjoyable

The hot water didn’t help? What temp?

I have used sodium metasilicate to soften and either high pressure or a putty knife to remove the sap. It is not an easy process and you will want to set proper expectaitons with the homeowner.

I used my hot water all the way up around 200. I was able to remove the white but it left a black residue.

Have you tried anything like a paint thinner, denatured alcohol, or Goof Off? You can get the Goof Off at Lowe’s or most places. That would be my first try in an inconspicuous spot

Wonder if this would work?