Pictures on Here

Anyone besides me having a problem with when I click on a picture to enlarge on this site it takes me to some index page?


Looks like you’re the only one. Serves you right. Jerk!

I got the same message/screen when I clicked on the discolored concrete post that was put up recently

Just started towards end of last week. Tried on different computer, rebooted, etc, no change

I’ve had it. I’m on a desktop so I just right click and open in new window. When I fail to do that, I get the response that you showed some or all of the time…not sure which. I’m using Brave browser and a VPN, if that matters.

I just checked: Click took me to the page shown in the OP, and open in new window took me to the picture.

I’m new, 01-19-24, but it seems to have been as I’ve described for as long as I have been here. Keep in mind that “open in new window” is my standard MO.

Yep, that works. But a real pita. They’re always messing with site and most every time they do, it gets worse

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I get this as well - it’s also happening with pictures from older posts including what I’ve posted in the past.

yea same here, im new too, dec '23. good call on the new window idea nosignal! thanks

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Ask @discobot . @Racer

I get it often. PC user, windows 11.

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You’re the odd man out :smiley:

The cat ran across my keyboard & farted in the process.

That is odd!..

I haven’t seen this issue happen yet though, and no cat here…

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He showed up on the porch 2 summers ago & took the place over. Follows me everywhere.


Never seen a green eyed skunk… come to think of it, not sure what color skunk’s eyes are… :skunk:


We’re on it! Thanks for the heads-up.

Feel free to tag me for quicker attention in the future.

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Should be fixed.