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We’ve had softwashing as an add on to our window cleaning for several years. I am looking to expand it this year. We headed down to the PWRA Convention last August and filled my brain. So as I sit down now to start expanding my website I realize that I need some roof cleaning pictures. I’m hoping that someone would be willing to help me out with some before and after that I can use until things get rolling on my end this spring. Thanks.


I asked this a few days ago. If someone answers, and helps you, hit me up too.

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I think you need represent your own work on your web site. You should find someone you know and do their roof as a part of your training program and take before and after pictures and use those. So when a customer asks where the house is that in on your web site you can tell them an honest answer which leads to credibility with the customer.

People use other photos all the time. Have you ever has someone ask where you got a photo? I don’t think there is anything wrong with using a stock photo on your website, temporarily, until you can get your own.

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They may not specifically ask where that picture came from, but they will ask if you have done a roof before or if you have pictures of work you have done. When they do you are prepared in advance to show them your work. Your own pictures can assist you in many ways. A simple picture of your own work can even close the deal for you.

Regardless if I’m in the majority here or not with this opinion, I’ve never liked the idea of using someone else’s photo’s or “stock” photo’s for our website or marketing material. Faced with the same issue when we started roof washing last year, we cleaned my in-laws roof, their neighbors and my neighbors roof for free, just so we could get these coveted before/after pictures. These free cleaning also gave us nice “trial runs” on our cleaning process/set ups for when paying customers started calling.

Just my 2 cents.

After reading post 5 and before starting to look at post 6, I thought what Andrew thought.
I’d be more than happy and willing to assist in any advice on how to clean roofs but as far as “loaning” or “giving” away pics of my customers roofs it’s kinda like someone taking the credit for the work of someone else.

His suggestion about cleaning a family members roof for free or even cold calling door to door for a dirty roof to clean in exchange for taking before and after pictures is dead on.
This way you can have practice cleaning the roofs, take the pics you need and take the credit for the work as well as the pride in the meantime.

Good luck with any future roofs and remember to post pics here, because this thread is no good without pictures.

I lent out pictures in the past but I never used anyone’s pictures mainly because Part of my sales pitch was I told people to check out some of our work on our website. I don’t knock guys who want to use others pictures but it’s just not something we do.

I’ve started from scratch in every way. Lord knows I have asked for help but I just couldn’t bring myself to asking for pics. I went out and made my own. Are they great pictures? No, but they show that I can and will do great work. Maybe the more pictures I take, the better quality pictures I will get. To quote GuyB, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Just my opinion that I apply only to myself. We aren’t all wired the same and I won’t judge how you choose to run your business

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For the record, I am not looking to show off and take credit for someone else’s work. Simply needed a small thumbnail on my website that could link to a Roof Cleaning page. Pretty simple. Thanks for your help, and suggestions, though.

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John, I lost most of my B&As when a hard drive took a dump. I’ll try to find some for you to use until you’re up and running. I know you well enough to be sure that you’ll ditch them as soon as you get your own and that you’ll be truthful about their origin.

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Thank you, Thad. I’ve got a few shots of some really dirty roofs, that I took myself, that I’ll be using on my landing page. These are scheduled for cleaning in the Spring. Just needed a good before and after shot for the thumbnail on the home page. I appreciate it.

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