Picked up a new monster contract BUT!

So I picked up this new bunch of houses the company owns them and rent them out and has been doing this apparently for like 10 years or more, they pay net 14 which is awesome and they have 301 houses in my area every time somebody moves out of a house they want me to wash it also if they purchase any new houses they want me to wash them now for my issue the money is great but it’s not the quality of work that I like doing most of the houses the paint is peeling the caulk around the windows is crap the gutters don’t look like they’ve ever been cleaned.
The company seems super impressed with what I’m doing but every house I wash is generally one I would walk away from… I’m doing my usual taking before and after photos a problem spots and I’ve called him several times to let him know about issues beforehand they don’t care and they don’t seem like they’re going to fix them up… I actually called my contact today after washing a house and told him that there was a spot that I couldn’t get off his response was did you wash it I said yes he said good enough… I guess I should just be satisfied with that right or am I wrong… judging by the four houses but I’ve done this is going to probably be par for the course most of them are in areas that aren’t the best in my area… I just usually hold myself to a higher standard but I guess steady money is steady money because they want me to wash them all year long. One thing that irks me in particular is they want the sidewalk surface clean but not the driveway just totally looks like a crappy half A $@ job… but once again I go back to the fact that they’re completely happy with what I’m doing and the money is great… also these houses are literally taking me an hour to clean from start to finish and that’s it can’t beat it with a stick

I work with a property manager who deals mostly in low income property. It sounds like the same situation. The expectations are low with my guy so I give him the best price possible. I’m not going to break out acid to get rid of rust or brush off bird or get on a ladder for any reason and they are aware that’s what they are getting with my pricing. They just don’t want the houses looking dirty when a new tenant moves in. They don’t want to keep it up like a home someone owns. Keep washing them. And send the girls that work the front desk a gift basket. Keep them happy and they will keep calling.

It sounds like you’re complaining about people not complaining enough. It also sounds like you put a check in a win box.


You got a golden goose with a rusty beak my friend, you’ll never be able to make chicken soup outa chicken poop. Take the praises they give you,do your thing,don’t let your head get to big and enjoy it. When the paint and caulk finally fall off from you washing it the right way then you’ll be back to your expectations after they repair and repaint . Good job,good work and count your blessings, you deserve it…
Treat ppl fair and honest, you’ll be turning work down everday @Ecowashpressurewash :+1::+1:


Take comfort in that they are gong to pay someone to do it their way, might as well be you.

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Eh, sounds like pretty easy money to me. Personally, the only thing I worry about with companies that try to run as lean as possible or cut corners wherever they can is when they do have something go wrong that’s going to cost them a pretty penny to fix there have been many companies known to try to blame contractors and pass the burden on to them. I’m not saying that is the case here because obviously I don’t know anything about the situation. I’m just saying that would be my concern if I was in your situation.


I’ve run into the same thing… and the answer usually is that they are in the section 8 program with HUD and they have to show continuous improvement to there properties.

Same with adult foster care homes. I literally had one guy after we washed tell me he doesn’t care what it looks like, just needs an invoice/receipt for HUD

Sounds like you got it good!

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Take pics and clean!! If these homes have issues to begin with and have a ton of flaws, that’s less liability on you… Enjoy! Nice account

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The pictures will make awesome advertising pics…
Here’s one of the houses I did today


I love me some dirty houses.

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Me too!!!..houses have always been something to fill in the gaps…I like to mainly do commercial…I’ve probably only done 20-30 houses this year but I’ve done over 100 restaurants and businesses this year…
Looks like I’m going to be doing a lot more houses now lol…soap,rinse, surface wash sidewalk repeat!



I clean A LOT of low income/section 8 housing, if that’s what these are, they don’t care about anything your concerned about, BUT the get inspected periodically and any “organic growth “ is a no go, the can loose their funding over it. I used to feel the same as you, but now I just wash, bill, and SMILE😁. I do wish mine paid net 14 tho, usually 60 days for mine