Phosphoric vs oxalic

I’ve used Ox for a couple years from Florida Labs. In what scenario would Craig’s stuff produce better results? I remember there was a good thread on this when Brody was treating irrigation leaks, dang search function lol

Like you, I use Ox from FL Labs at 1 cup/gallon and will normally always try that first because it’s much cheaper. If stain doesn’t budge I’ll move to F9 Barc (phosphoric) and if that doesn’t get it I’ll try OneRestore. Obviously F9 and OneRestore are much more aggressive and I find work well for neglected rust stains in concrete. Non-porous surfaces such as vinyl or paint I usually have good luck with Ox.

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Does one restore have more phosphoric than f-9 barc? @PristineGC

I’ve used OA on concrete and stucco. It took multiple passes and 2cups to a gal in a pump sprayer on flat and 1cup to a gal on stucco.

On a mix of Half & Half F9 ,How bad of an affected area thickness of rust can you treat and to what sqft?

I too am curious on one restore. The goal is to
12v Ox 55gal. I want to keep F9 or One Restore in a pump for anything Oxalic won’t touch. It’s irrigation spray city down here from Destin - Pensacola.

I wash 99 % trucks… Heavy equipment on occasion, usually due to a piece of equipment blowing a fuel,hydro or oil line@
0200 and I get the call to the local quarries to go wash,that’s just my luck. Any who,I also use acids. Citric to be safe. But usually I’m going for phosphoric and add more accordingly. If that dont work. Hydrofluoric will,with no doubt work. Just wondering if they just add more acid and boost the price of the products ya’ll use.just curious is all

OneRestore is HCL, that’s why I use it last resort

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F9 recommends 2 parts BARC to 1 part water, 400-800 sq ft single application, 250-500 sq ft double application, 1/2" penetration into concrete. And of course it depends on the severity of the stain

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Good info. I will definitely add to the arsenal. I think we as contractors should experiment with every chemical and surfactant and find what works for us and share that knowledge. Can’t wait to use it :+1:


@Racer said he has the F9 Cookbook and I know it’s pricey but may be worth getting if you do a lot of stain removal.

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Here is a demo I did for a school that has some major rust issues from the irrigation. Also some fertilizer rust mixed in there (you can see it in the areas where it isn’t as bad). Out of curiosity I originally tried just oxalic, because that would have been a much cheaper option. Barely touched it. This was first pretreated with F9 Efflo and then surface cleaned. That alone took probably 70% of the staining. Then proceeded with the F9 Barc process.


Wow ! Irrigation did that ? @SurfaceTherapy

@Hotshot yes. That whole neighborhood is a honey hole


Wow! That’s absolutely ridiculous! Glad you figured out a solution! $$$$ for you!