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Hey guys,
I have a phone interview with a terminal manager in 24-48hrs. Any advise to help me land this contract would be much appreciated!

Any advise as to selling 2-step cleaning, brushing, moving and not moving tractors, how often and so on.


Jordon S.

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I’m not the one to answer your question, but if you fill out your signature you will probably get some response to your questions. Most Members like to see where others are located before answering certain questions,
good luck with your interview.

Matthew Adkins
Adkins Cleaning Solutions
Greensboro, Nc

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I can’t really give you any advice, I’d just like to say good luck anyway!

Thank you!

This is what I would suggest you ask so that you can best fit the type of washing and results they expect to what you can provide knowing what your costs will be up front so that you can quote a fair price for both of you.

  1. Know what your EPA regulations and waste water requirements are for where you are washing.
  2. Ask if they know what the last person was using and what they did or did not like with those results?’
  3. How often are they wanting the trucks washed and will they have to be moved and who will move them?
  4. Do they have a dedicated wash area? Gravel on ground that does not drain into a water source, concrete or asphalt that you must reclaim, area that already drains into their own waste water containment system, or area that already drains into a dedicated sewer system.
  5. Do you have a lot of polished aluminum or irregular shaped vehicles to deal with so that two step washing makes the best sence?
  6. Do you have only painted or flat mat aluminum or stainless where a one step high alkaline wash will work fine?
  7. Do you have a lot of high gloss finishes, wraps or fabric sided trailers that require lighter strength soaps so not to wear them out to rapidly?
  8. Are you having to truck in your own water? Most likely not but you do not want any surprises.

The rest I will leave up to you to ask about with what ever your normal payment and contract terms are.

If you need help picking soaps or to discuss how pricing differs for one step vs. two step feel free to call me.

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