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I have a Cat S48c phone. I have searched and binged to no avail. Do anyone know how I can draw or write on pics inside my phone. I could with my other phone. With this one I can turn the pictures around in circles and change the brightness, but that is all I can figure out

When you’re viewing the photo you just took see if there’s a little “pencil” icon. Click on it and it should bring up more editing options.

That’s how my old phone was. These are the options I have now

click those 3 dots in the upper right hand corner and see what’s on the list.

There’s a section in the manual that says there should be a “pencil” icon for editing options. They make it sound like it should be right next to the share or delete icon.

I know I once had a phone where if I clicked on the photo I just took while still in camera mode it didn’t have near the options as if I opened the same picture from the gallery. Maybe try that if you haven’t already.

If for some reason the editing option just isn’t there you can download an app that will allow you to draw on the picture. It will probably add a few extra steps though.

Wait for it …”go ask the vendor who sold it to you”


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Never mind the phone…What’s the story on that Willys?

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This is what I get when I press those 3 little dots

Thank you. I got an application called draw on photos that did what I needed


Edit is the button for mine, then go into decorations, and click on DRAW.

That’s so weird. When I drove by Willy’s, he had this for sale…

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