Pest control skid for softwashing?

Today I came across a pest-control skid with the chemical resistant pump at 5.5 gallons per minute and the pump is run with a Honda motor. Could that be used as a roof washing rig? Could it be use for soft washing at all?

Yes I use an 8gpm maryuama gas powered chemical pump. Love it

Thanks. I tripped over (not figuratively) a skid at northern tool this morning and noticed the price tag with tank and chemical grade pump was about half of what these folks slinging soft wash gear charge. I just don’t know how far I can throw detergent with a 5.5 gpm pump and 1/4 in hose. Any thoughts?

Oops. :point_up:t3: That comment was meant for you @timetoshinepowerwash.

Certain “softwash” systems are way overpriced (a certain trademark holder comes to mind). But in general, you get what you pay for.

The fact that they are selling this spray rig with 1/4" hose indicates to me they don’t expect it to put out anywhere near 5.5 gpm. It should have a minimum of 1/2" hose, 5/8" would be preferable.

I would find out exactly what chemicals the pump is supposed to be resistant to. It should have viton internals for spraying bleach. Kalrez would be even better.

Look up the pump man, Kevin Enderle (edit: I see this link still gets a lot of traction. I believe Kevin is now out of the business. He ripped off a bunch of people or something. At any rate, I wouldn’t buy anything he’s selling). He builds air diaphragm systems, but also shares a ton of useful information on picking out a good system, and the pros and cons of each.

PS: here’s his website.

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I thought of using one of those pest skids to. The sales guy at john deer told me that it wouldnt hold up to chlorine for long.

I’m curious as to why. If it’s a chemical grade pump there is worse out there than chlorine. I’m going to call Northern and check out the site @Infinity shared.

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Lets us know your findings

Here you go:

There’s not a single material on earth that is suitable for all applications.

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Thanks. Like I don’t have enough stuff to read while trying to and failing to sleep at night. Ha!


Let me know if that link works! Maryuama makes great equipment!

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That 50 gallon might be right up my alley if I can set it up to pull from an IBC tote if I need more than 50 gallons.

Exactly what I did… works great man call me tomorrow and I can give you some info!

Because you will defenetly need more than 50 gal lol

Any update on how theses pumps hold up? Also are you running roof mix through this?