Persistent Surface Cleaner Issue!

Hello Everyone,

First post on here, but I have viewed these forums extensively the past 2.5 years and have been curious if anyone else has ran into the same problem and or if they can confirm this causes a significant problem.

I have attached two photos below of my new surface cleaner, now my 3rd new one and it has the same problem as the others. It is Unused out of the box. My 3 surface cleaners have come with the same, offset bar/improperly balanced bar/ or not fully seated bearing problem. (CANT TELL WHAT IT IS!!!)

It looks minor in the photo but it is about a half inch off from the opposite side. One photo is of the let’s say the right nozzle on the bar, and the other photo is of the left nozzle, both positioned in the same spot on the surface cleaner so the photos are both at the same angle.

Will a half inch cause a problem in cleaning? I’m very OCD about my equipment and if I’m correct a half inch would create issues or strip some cream… Both nozzles have 3 threads exposed and are equal so is not a threaded depth issue and I’m at a complete loss.

Please try to reach out and give opinions on possible damage created from this difference in bar height and if anyone has an exact answer on what the problem stemming from, that would be awesome. Thank you all very much for you time and help.

Ashton Blake
Pro Shine Window Cleaning & Power Washing

I was only allowed to post one phot, here is the other

The lean of the nozzle is what gives the bar thre thrust.

Hey Jesse,

Take a look at the other picture i replied with…
My problem is regarding the bar high being different on both ends of the surface cleaner… look at the nozzle and compare the height of each, the picture looks like a minuscule difference, but in person, it’s about a half inch off.

It’s the third one that’s been this way.

I’m very familiar with the surface cleaner & know the purpose of the angle for propulsion.

What does the manufacturer have to say about it. Ill check mine out, but it’s a MiTm brand.

Jesse, my MiTM has a bad difference that’s why I got a new one LOL

What brand is it? That’s nuts. Bar should be level. Have you called company? It’s almost like the swivel wasn’t put in level.

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Racer, thank you for reaching out… it’s a 20in BE, (just emailed them but it’s weekend now) my MITM came the same way!! I returned that and I’m now 3 surface cleaners in with purchase/returns and they all are the same, I’m quite irritated.

Since this is a reoccurring problem, and no one else has seemed to inquire about it on the forum s, when you have time, check and see if your units are a bit off as well… if so I won’t worry about it and it’s probably my OCD over thinking potential damage.

I don’t need to look. I can guarantee mine aren’t off. You got several things going on that are highly scientific when using a water jet nozzle. Obviously pressure. But you also have the size of the droplet, shape, the spray pattern, the calculation of shear stress to remove dirt particles from a surface. distance, water turbulence after it hits surface - all of these effect how effectively you can clean. Realize that water jets are used for fine precision cutting in certain industries, so there is a lot of technology involved in nozzles. I know this is more than you want to know.

But think about how much variation you’d have in pressure, diffusion of of the spray, etc when there is nearly 1/2" of height difference from your target surface. That much difference I would imagine you’d feel in the unit. Have you hooked it up and tried it yet. I would think it would stripe like a mother.


What you could do is put it on like a sawhorse or something supporting the 2 sides and get under there with a small level. Could be something like they got a bad batch where the holes where the arms screw in weren’t tapped at the same angle or welded - hard to tell from pic. Something is off. That much difference I’d be knocking off nozzles - think about cleaning a flagstone patio. Could be where the swivel is seated. and the swivel not exactly perpendicular.

Take the spray bar off and put on a table - may be able to tell whether it’s a problem there or somewhere else.

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Check to see that your cover isn’t warped or skirt misaligned. Rarely can you eyeball steel and be correct.

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Never mind, I thought it was the same photo but I see you’ve spun the bar in the same location.

If you’ve had issues with 3 out of 3 I would return it and buy a different brand. You can’t go wrong with Whisper Wash. Although, my 2 nozzle Hammerhead cleans just as good as my 4 nozzle Whisper Wash Classic. Whisper Wash has awesome customer service. They’re assembled in Florida so you’re not gonna have quality control issues like your current surface cleaner.


Let’s just say everything is better from Florida :+1:


Thank you all so much.

Waiting on reply from Pressure Washers direct to return.

I’m running this on my 4/4 unit, what should I go with hammerhead or whisper wash in your opinion? Is hammer head US?

Being that I live in IL I completely agree with you. Then again, there are only a few states worse than IL.

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A 16" Whisper Wash would pair perfect with your 4 gpm. That would be my first choice. A Hammerhead is 20" so a little big for a 4 gpm. I’m not sure if they make a smaller one or not.


Whisper Wash all day