Peroxide and SH

Hello PWRA! Has anyone ever mixed a peroxide cleaner with SH? I’ve used the search engine…nothing! All I’ve found with my reaserch is that when adding the peroxide to the SH, there’s a more aggressive breakdown from the SH but not unsafe. So, has anyone used it, say for roof cleaning? Would it make it more efficient?


oxyclean has peroxide if I am not mistaken.
Arms and Hammer with oxyclean plurs SH is fenomenal

Hydrogen Peroxide is the liquid form of Sodium Percarbonate

I’ve been using 15,gallons SH and 35 gallons water… 1/2 bottle of Cling on , half gallon of a non caustic degreaser, 4 bottles of rubbing alcohol.

Works great, especially on Mossy roofs


Thanks for the advise! I have AH with Oxiclean that I add to my SH. It’s just that this is the first roof for me. Not horrible, I don’t think; however, I’ll be DS 10%.

A simple Google search says that hydrogen peroxide is a bleach neutralizer. I’m not really sure why anyone would want to neutralize their bleach before they use it. Chlorox even tells you to neutralize bleach with peroxide. . As a factory certified roofing & siding contractor that can give factory backed 50 year replacement warranties, I wouldn’t recommend using anything on asphalt shingle roofs other than what the manufacturer approves of. Water, bleach, and TSP is all that CertainTeed approves of. They don’t even list soap in their algae removal recipe, though I don’t really think they’d have a problem with soap. Alcohol or degreaser on the other hand. I wouldn’t do it. You don’t want to remove any oils and prematurely degrade the asphalt. A voided non pro rated 50 year replacement warranty if you discolor or damage the roof with non approved chemicals means your responsible for the full replacement cost if something goes wrong. Other than color problems the effects of something like alcohol or degreaser may not be noticed right away. I came to this forum for some education into siding and roof cleaning as I would like to expand into cleaning the very same products I install. I just stumbled upon this post and felt an urge to give my two cents. Not trying to bash anyone’s methods, just offering some constructive criticism by a factory certified professional.


Welcome to the forum, and for sharing your experience. Quite a few topics come up about roofs, either about cleaning them, or working on them safely for gutter cleaning, etc. I’m sure your input will be very valuable.

Would you mind telling us a bit about yourself? Where you’re from, and how long you’ve been a roofer?

You can’t DS a roof…and hydrogen peroxide is used to neutralize bleach.

In regards to a degreaser…the stuff I use is locally made and had no butyl or caustic soda. It’s a surfactant on steroids that’s packaged as an enviro degreaser. Similar to how soap works on grease. Isopropyl alcohol is in a lot of DIY roof cleaners that are sold at the big box stores. Although not necessary, I’ve noticed black streaks lift easier.

I washed my roof when i got it replaced by a hail storm.
Thus why i got no tiger stripes.
I wash them from time to time, maybe 1 or 2 season. With no issues.
I let the insuance xo take care of it.
In my case i have no trees next to my hkuse cause all were taken down thus i have no worriea about algae

You washed a new roof lol. That’s all I got from that

I think he’s trying to service the roofs he’s been installing. Ive met several roofers that also do roof cleaning. . I don’t see why they all don’t. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad they don’t. There position as the installer / inspector. Put them in a position to charge a astronomical fee and they usually get it.

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I was replying to IKI

Do NOT mix them! How do i explain this…the sodium hypochlorite is technically NA-Cl-O. Hydrogen peroxide is H2O2…what happens when the two are mixed is that it yields salt, water, and oxygen as the Cl just drifts away. It’s basically the SH the moment it comes in contact with it.

As mentioned above, hydrogen peroxide is similar to sodium percarbonate, but the huge difference is that there are 5 hydrogen peroxide molecules, so it doesn’t disassociate as quickly. Also, there is carbon and sodium in sodium percarbonate.

Both hydrogen peroxide and sodium percarbonate are the non-bleach alternatives to SH…why waste time when you have the real McCoy?


Thanks for all the advice. Job went well. Started DS on the back side to test; not bad but too long. Sprayed the rest with pump sprayer…much faster and efficient. I was using 10% SH. Haven’t found ( nor looked hard enough) 12.5%. 2,000sqft/26gals SH.

It was my first roof. Happy with results and lessons learned.


Not bad at all for your first one. Looks good and that was a pretty nasty one. Take some of your profits and go buy you a 12v pump. Would have saved you a lot of time.


I have to agree with @roofer. Don’t use degreaser or alcohol on a roof. Degreaser actually breaks down the asphalt to some degree. Alcohol has the PH of water and depending on what type may even be slightly acidic which will neutralize out you SH some. You don’t need all that other stuff, unless you just like buying chemicals.

I feel like part of being a professional is to use as little chemical as necessary to do the job. Part of being a good samaritan to the planet. We all deal with a lot of chemicals daily, just try not to leave too big a footprint.


Thanks! It’s in my near future. What would you have charged for this job? Still working out pricing. I charged him $400…gave me $500.

You were about right. I’d be at .20/ft on that one. Maybe a tad more because it was pretty dirty. Got one about like that I’m doing for $450 next week.

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Injectors work off of venturing effect. Stacking them up distorts flow to much to cause suction on all of them. We don’t wash new roofs.he usually means well but isn’t always the most truthful. Working out of a truck is super effective and efficient if working by yourself. Good luck

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