Permits? EPA?

Im starting my business in maryland and have no idea about the legality side of things. Do you need a permit or license? Is there a place that I can learn the reclaim laws in my state? Do you have to reclaim? what do you have to reclaim? I mean i cant find anything. I dont know where to start.

Call your mayor and ask lol

I just searched “water reclaim rules pressure washing Maryland” in the Google. The first 8 pages looked pretty informative…


Start there. It’s the Maryland Department of the Environment

Or, you could just call some reputable washers and politely ask them.

The search bar on this page could help too

Follow-up question…how do you use the Google?

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You can do a search on Alta Vista and it’ll show you how. Just put in your AOL cd first


Ok I chuckled at that one.