People who used fiverr for logo can you please explain how to use documents?

I really suck with computers. I got my logos made… how do I now get it put onto t-shirts, paperwork, car magnet sign, etc.

Send that logo to whoever is doing your shirts or whatever else. They’ll know what to do with it. Especially if it’s not transparent and has a white box border

The person who made the logo should have given you the image in different formats - .jpg, .png, .ai, etc

Your printing company will probably want the .png file

Actually just did this today to get shirts made. All I had to do was open the fiverr app, click on more in bottom right corner, click on manage orders, click on here is your delivery, then just pick your source file you want to send.

I did this on my iPhone. Not sure if app is different on other devices

Hey man. I sent you a message. Feel free to send me the logo if you want. I have the software that can format it properly if needed, and convert to vector (also if needed).

Fiverr is always an entertaining gamble. I’ve seen some really excellent stuff but I’ve also seen some really laughable garbage. I don’t go to that site anymore because I tend to get distracted by all the ads offering to eat a Volkswagon for $5.

Eat a Volkswagen? Ill pay $5 for that every day.

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So you can see how it would be distracting.

Without a doubt. I’m looking into this now. If I can find someone to eat a vw for $5 I expect everybody to contribute $5 so that we don’t ever have to go another day without seeing someone eat a car. No one should live like that.:grinning:

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I’ve never in my life had a stronger urge to hug a stranger.

You, my friend. You get it.

Go on fiverr. It’s full of Borats offering ‘you come…use my house…use my sister’ for $5. Whenever times are tight we should all log in for a brief yet effective ego stroke.

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Fivver is like anything else…you get what you pay for. Never go with the cheapest, be ready to spend minimum $50 for anything decent. I’ve had several gigs that were $100-$150 and we’ll worth it. I’ve had horrible experience with the $5 guy.

I just checked it out. No one’s offering g to eat a before as far as I can tell. But theres a few offering to eat “anything.” First thing that came to mind was poo. I clicked only the link and what do you know it says he womt eat poo. Gotta read the small print I guess. At least I know I’m not the first one who it occurred to that watching someone eat poo for $5 was well worth the money. I wonder if he’ll eat a boot, or better yet my old boots. That would be entertaining.

The fact that you spun the wheel and immediately landed on ‘poo’ is a little disturbing.

But I dig that.

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I used Fiverr. The guy was really good but I spent I think $65. It’s my profile pic. If you want his link, I’ll send it to you.

Ok. Understood. Yes I have several different files. EPS, JPG, PNG, PSD, & adobe acrobat document. Do you happen to know which file I would use to add to a facebook profile picture? I tried the JPG file but I don’t know how to resize the picture so it doesn’t appear zoomed in. I tried editting on facebook but it is already zoomed out as much as it can.

Hey bubble guy. Thanks for the offer. That is a nice logo and I’d say $65 well spent. I am pleased with the logo I was made. Do you know how to resize the file to make it a profile picture for a facebook business page?