People getting cheap

Does anyone else feel like people are trying to take advantage of the Covid situation and low ball prices or don’t want to spend money like they used to? Seems like it’s hard to sell quality service. Feels like it’s that or other people are getting so desperate that they’re out there trying to do this business without the overhead expenses of a real business…

People have no money bud, they’ve been duped into more important things like driveway and gutter sanitisation lol.


Actually, I see the opposite, and a customer explained it to me.

People don’t go out to eat, take vacations, book flights, drive to work, pay mortgages etc. They’re basically making more money staying home and teleworking, and all that time at the house opens their eyes to otherwise neglected chores.

Mortgage rates are dropping too so lots of house refi’s…including myself. Hard to beat 2.75%.:flushed:


Bro you got 2.75!? We just went to 3.375 and I was stoked. I hope that in 4 more months it will still be that low so I can do it again. Every time we refi I make like ten grand lol.

But yes, that’s what it was like, but now I’m seeing people who want a ton of stuff done for nothing. I mean wealthy people too.

You make money on the refi but your going back to square 1 on a 30 year mortgage right?

We just bought the house last year. Saving us about $2100/yr dropping the rate down.

Sorry to hear you’re having a tough go at it.
I gave a very reasonable quote (based on the form Racer shared) for deck cleaning and painting and the client said they had one “significantly lower” than my estimate.
I keep losing out on bids. I use pricing that I learned here but looks like I’m getting low balled. My problem could also be a lack of reviews, which reflects upon my experience. Still trying to figure it all out.

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This is my busiest year to date


Ppl are just home with not much to do and they want everything cleaned!

Up selling is real easy, We are walking in to homes for house washing and we end up doing pool decks,patios,driveways and exterior windows… loving it


Same @Chesebro, Folks accepting low 4 figure quotes without questions, life is good ;>)


Sell yourself and the quality of service, don’t sell the price. People hire people not the service.


I can’t keep up. Started raising prices and still booked out for weeks.


I originally got the loan in 2013, refinanced Three times and each time I saved $400 a month on the payment. Paying $1200 less per month for the next 30 years makes more sense for my case. Not to mention all the extra money I get every time I do it.

I think I just got a couple people looking for a guy to come in his Kia with a 2.5gpm machine in the back to spray water for minimum wage. I also need to fine tune my market. I consider my company to the be the best and I am definitely not the cheapest but I go much farther than a lot of my competitors. Literally every single client has been blown away by the results. We don’t leave until what we came to do is perfect.