Pavers: PressureWash or No PressureWash

What is the correct way to clean this type of flat work? I don’t know anything about pavers or how they are installed correctly LOL but I’m always trying to learn and do things right for my customers. I understand this might be a debatable topic so let me knkow what’s your opinion. Thanks!

Tell the customer to pull the weeds or you charge them for it, surface clean, rinse, tell customer to buy and lay down more sand after you’re done.

Ah yes, patio pavers…my arch nemesis.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The weeds will need to be either pulled or weedeated, then a strong mix of SH to kill off the organics. You may get by with a surface cleaner, but the really nasty ones required a turbo. Either way it will blast out the sand so either you or the customer will have to re-sand it.

Paver patios are huge money makers for me. I’ve done a ton. Strong mix, let it dwell, surface clean/turbo. Get as much of the old sand out as you can. Come back on dry day, install Alliance G2 sand, wet it. Come back in a week and seal it.

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So what is sand? is it really just sand and what’s the purpose? Or, is it a cement type of material that deteriorates with high pressure, time, and gunk?

LOL why is it your arch nemesis? What are you afraid of when it comes to pressure washing/softwashing pavers?

And yeah, I might just let the customer re-sand it. Just bc I’m a pressure washing biz and I’m not dealing with anything outside of my zone and specialty.

There’s quite a few threads that cover how to clean and sand pavers. I suggest you read up on those.

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Turbo nozzle takes care of those then treat it. Sand and seal. I use trident 2 part urethane sealers. You can do it all in one day if it dries enough


Polymeric sand. Check out Alliance Gator G2. They have a lot of training videoed. Read up on it


I do a lot of pavers too. Use the SEK/Trident products too. Nice job on this one. Looks great.

Thanks, I don’t do them too often because they are a pain lol. We tell customers we only do them July-October. It’s not worth trying to work around the weather in the spring especially cuz we’re so busy already. Save it for the dry slower months

What do you guys do with all the sand that gets blown out of the joints? Do you try and pressure wash it into a pile or just blow it out into the grass?

First you have to determine if it’s polymeric sand. If so then usually won’t lose any to speak of unless in really bad shape. Most places, other than FL, that’s what you see the most.

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See that’s what I mean. I didn’t even know their will be extra sand build-up on pavers… and I am in the FL market. A lot of driveways with pavers here too

Where in Fl? Go here and join. It’s Trident products Fl group. Pressure washing side of SEK Surebond. They have free training all around Fl. Great products.

I’m in the Orlando area. I just requested to join the group and made an an acct on their website. How did you here about Trident? Is it popular? They seem interesting and have seal strippers.

Trident was just setup by SEK Surebond couple of months ago, mainly from a marketing aspect so I was told by there local rep, to segragate their hardscape customers from their power wash/ sealer customers. I know about them because SEK bought out Mike Kilgore who was a sealer distributor in FL about 9 months ago, that I buy stuff from occasionally. There’s not a Trident in my area yet, so I still use the surebond labeled products, that I can get locally. Exact same product, just different graphics. They even have a comparison chart.

But Mike does a good job with the training and marketing in FL. and as you know it’s a huge market down there.

I went to their site and read their data, have you used this on concrete or just pavers? I have to email them or call them after the holiday weekend. I don’t do farcebook, mama said farcebook is the devil.

Mama didn’t run a business like you are though :wink:

IT was a waterboy reference, mama said everything was the devil.