Pavers and Ice Cream

One of my clients just opened a new Ice cream shop next to a business that has a 1160 sqft paver patio. I guess people keep using this business’s patio area and spilling ice cream everywhere. They’er asking for cleaning every two weeks. I am at .15 sqft so around $173. That seem pretty fair to me. My question is, what is the best process to clean these pavers without doing damage to the coating or sand? I have little experience with pavers in my area, and it’s not like they are covered in any organic growth like most of the other post cover. It very well might come down to just spot treatments. I run a 5.5 hot unit if that helps.
Thanks for the advice

Got a pic. Ice cream can be tough. I’ve got a chain of yogurt stores and some chemical or something in the product stains the heck out of concrete or anything else. You can try soft washing them with a mild degreaser and medium heat, but I bet you’re going to need to use SC on. Are pavers sealed, set in sand or concrete. Pic would be nice.

Pavers are set in sand and sealed. That is my main concern is damage to the seal and pulling sand. I do not want to get into sanding and sealing. I am thinking I can get by on Saturday for some pictures.

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I am in a similar situation with a job tomorrow. Fortunately, my client just wants a light cleaning so I do not disturb the sanding. However, I am planning on using chems and a stiff pole brush for trouble areas.

I am tempted to use my 18" SC though, it’s downtuned because my 4gpm is running it, and the pavers are pretty tight. Not sure how I can even test it though without messing a spot up.

I feel you, I might just use my ball valve and a brush to scrub the area. I guess it will really depend on how much of a mess there is.


Sounds like a rinse job.

Lay a cleaner down by down streaming it, let chem dwell 5 minutes and break up all the ice scream spills. Turn your heater on about one fiddy and ball valve it. Easy peasy

Since we are both from the Cali state, I am careful on my chems used. For the other two locations I do for them that are concrete. I mainly use hot water and sometimes Bioclean. You have anything special you have used?

For that you can even getaway with Dawn Dish Soap, Bio Clean is real expensive for that.

All you need is a soap to help you break it up. Keep it simple , Keep it Cheap

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pavers and ice cream sounds disgusting, i’m partial to chocolate moose tracks or penn state creamery’s death by chocolate. we get a couple of tubs of it and stick it in the freezer when we pick up the kid from school.

I have bunch of dawn mixed up in a pump sprayer from a screen cleaning job I did today. My wife did not like the process. And went back to her old favor strip washer and bucket. So I have some product to use up.

Is the paver sealer in good shape? If it’s doing it’s job it should be a protective layer on the brick pavers. My assumption is that a good coat of sealer should allow you to just spray the pavers to clean them up fairly easily.

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@Country Country and @DantheWindowMan How did the job go?

Approximately how long does it take to wash the 1160 sq ft?

What process did you use?

Any tips on similar job recurring every two weeks but much bigger area?


Sorry for the delay. I down stream EBC on the pavers, set temp at 150-160 and watch the ice cream melt away. Most of the time I just use my ball valve, but some days I use a green tip. Both do fine. I have been doing this place every 4 weeks now for a year.

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Nice :+1:

EBC is too fancy for me, specially for commercial. I stock a pale or two at a time but only for high dollar resi work. Experiment with a cheaper soap

Ever tried Simple Green on something like this?

Or is it too weak for this without hot water.

I have experimented some, my mothers business makes a bunch of different soaps. I like dealing with Carlos at EBC, and prefer to send my dollars to someone that picks up the phone every time I call with a question. I am a sucker for the customer service. The price is up there, however I don’t feel its to expensive. I have figured it into my pricing and haven’t looked back. I get 4500 - 5000 sqft per gallon of concentrate, for dirty dirty surface. 20 oz for 5 gallons of mix on most of my monthly commercial jobs, that is almost a $1000 day off 20 oz. You are in Cali also, might need to hit them with the better for the environment soap!

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Might take a couple treatments with cold, longer dwell time, and higher ratio. I have a grease trap that is a little worst then that. I 50/50 dwelled for 10min, agitated it and camped the surface cleaner on top. It was pretty thick. I probably should have scraped it first. But staining was still there, but no surface oil. That was the biggest ask, they had a slip and fall, and their insurance was after them for hazard.

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We divert water to sewer or landscape.