Paver patio

Did a paver patio that was large compared to just a typical 10’x10’ that I’ve done in the past.

And, this was was by far the worst I’ve done. I did this all with a wand and white tip. I don’t own a turbo nozzle, but I feel that a flat shovel would have been the best tool to have for this. Wand cleaning did a decent job, heavy post treat follow-up. Post treat did the trick - as I’m spraying a section I’d look back over my shoulder to make sure I’m staying lined up and I could see right away. Came back following weekend to do the house next door and had the opportunity to snap some after shots.


That looks amazing! I tell you, some of the most shocking before and afters are paver jobs.


Both of yall photos are great !!


Had one of those too!


You’ll need better customers, lol.


This one tips well! Did the house, drive, sidewalk and deck in November and then the lawn sign at her house has brought in much business in that neighborhood. I can only complain so much!

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Worst one I’ve done in sometime, paid good though……the customer was thrilled to have their space back, lol.

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Do you guys keep a zero turn handy for these kind of jobs? Splendid results gentlemen! Slow clap… and @dcbrock, if you’re not going to tuck in the rain coat, we’ll let it slide but you at least need your boots to match the uniform. Who knows where we can get some canary yellow boots for a decent price?

‘Better customers’ lol. Man I remember getting offended by that four years ago.:laughing:

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I’m sure, big difference.

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