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A customer wants his paver driveway cleaned but not sealed. What would you guys do? I dont want to use high pressure and push out all the sand. Should I bump up my prewash mix and rinse off?

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House wash mix and surface cleaner. If the pavers were done correctly there shouldn’t be that much sand. Even if you dislodge some sand you just rinse it back in.

This was done with a surface cleaner and I didn’t see any sand.

Sweet guys. Good enough. Ill hit it with the SC. Thanks!

Roof mix, no pressure. You will take out a lot of sand with pressure. When we are going to re sand pavers we use a surface cleaner, but that is the only time.

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For some reason I keep telling myself not to use pressure. I think Ill try that before using the sc method.

A few of the hundreds of paver surfaces I did with a surface cleaner and NO resanding or significant sand loss. Once in a while you come across a pave job that wasn’t done right and the bricks were not tight, then you lose the sand . Got one tomorrow. Just another opinion.


Looks like the sand is gone already. The job I did worked out great. A stronger mix didnt work as well as I wanted. Decided to use pressure and it did a great job. I didnt loose too much sand. Inform the homeowner that you recommend to have it sanded and sealed as well. Up to them…

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Definitely surface cleaner. It does look like there are wider gaps, which would indicate sand loss. But they look solid and the gaps are even. Which could mean they are tapered and are made that way. I usually would use a regular house wash mix for that, but if you can see obvious stains that are in the paver brick itself, as opposed to surface algae, dirt, mold and mildew, then I use a stronger mix with an xjet or roof mix, with a roof pump. For that, a house wash mix will clean and brighten it up.

Thanks for the info. I think it just surface stuff mostly. The house is on a very shaded lot and the driveway, walls, etc all have mildew and moss trouble.

On another note, I can’t wait to do the concrete driveway! Some clown with a $20 pressure washer started in it, left 1" wide stop marks etc all over the place (which got wider up to about 5" LOL) before they just gave up! I don’t know who it was, but they sure went a long way in helping me sell this job…The contrast is gonna be awesome!

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Surface cleaner did the job.

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For the pool area, what would you do to prevent all the dirty water from getting in their pool? I would imagine a nice clean pool filled with sand or dirt would make homeowners unhappy.

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This is a 5 year old post and he hasn’t been on here in 3 years. I dont thinks he’s gonna get back to ya. As for the sand in the pool, I’m sure someone will have an answer

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I wouldn’t bother doing it by yourself, it’s a 2 man effort one cleaning the other rinsing outwards of the pool. You ain’t scooping any sand out the bottom once it’s settled at the bottom, trust me on that one.

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Old thread but…

I’ve cleaned a few pool decks and informed the customer dirty water will probably get in the pool. They all said the filtration system will get it.

Sand though, that’s a different matter.

Once the sand and debris settles on the bottom it can be vacuumed up with the pool vacuum.

I sure as heck ain’t spending a dollar on pool maintenance equipment :joy:.

Why not? You’d get to skinny dip in a customers pool while vacuuming. I’d just skinny dip without vacuuming and tell the customer there might some dirt and debris they might have to vacuum off the bottom when they do their weekly pool maintenance. I probably wouldn’t do much swimming but I would lay on my back on a float.


Have you never dropped a JRod in the pool by accident on a stinking hot friday afternoon just before knockoff?? And Absolutely had to retrieve it? Man your lucky!! :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:.

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