Paver cleaning...weeds

I’m doing a few different things for a customer, one is a 10x20 paver patio and frankly it is nothing but weeds growing through.

I could turbo the sucker but the roots will still be in there. She needs it cleaned and sanded, does she need to hit it with weed killer first?

Take your weed wacker and get most the weeds out of the way. Then spray it with a generous and strong amount of SH. Let it sit for a day or so and then come back and clean and re-sand. Then you’ll know it’s done right.

Yes I always spray some weed killer if there were previously a lot of weeds. I have had weed killer leave a white residue that i had to use some efflo cleaner on, it came right out but i had to come back to re-sand since it was now wet from cleaning. Only has happened once

Will the bleach or weed killer interfere with the polymer sand setting up? Should I just use kiln dried?

Bear in mind, it’s illegal in most states to spray weed killer on a customers property without a license


Very true. Also comes with some HEFTY fines.

You’re using the SH for 2 purposes, weed killer and any mildew etc. When you clean the pavers, by then sh gone.

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Oh one more thing, when using the polymer sand, the youtube video shows the guy brooming it in then lightly spraying it down.

Doesn’t it have to be gently blown off the top first? Am I better off using the regular kiln dried sand as there is a pretty good chance the weeds will come back?

Use polymeric. Push it good with the broom. Make sure everything is dry and keep using the broom. The polymeric has some glue and when you water it gently will get activated and hardens.
No more weeds trough.
After that ,a nice water based sealer ( I use IP250WB Stone Age High Def WB Paver Sealer here in Florida).

Thanks, here’s the project in progress.

I go back In a couple days to clean it along with the house. That’s 10% SH on there.:flushed:

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Be sure to lightly use blower after you sweep in the sand. And whatever you do don’t use the crap stuff they sell with the cement in it for the polymeric. I like to use the Polyseal. That way you won’t have a white haze when you’re done and need to acid wash it before you seal it. I run into that crap all the time.

I’m not doing a top seal, just brooming in sand. The bricks are uneven and junky, they just want it to be useable.

Any suggestions on poly sand brands I can get locally?

Of all the work out there, why are you messing with pavers and sand. If you can spell “pressure washing” with the letters in the work you do, then you aren’t pressure washing. Come to think of it, maybe that’s why I don’t do gutters anymore. You can’t spell “pressure washing” with gutters, window washing, mobile detailing, painting, grass mowing or panty hose. The last one doesn’t really belong, but you can’t spell pressure washing with it.


What work? I am 75% window cleaning. Last time I checked William, cleaning pavers required a pressure washer.

Too late you already posted the weed eater pic. That ain’t a pressure washer :slight_smile: I’m just giving you a hard time.

I’ve got the same helly Hansen rain coat, I can’t do yellow pants though, My boys would tease me.

Funny you say that, customer’s kid just stood there staring at me when I was getting my stuff out of the truck. Guess he’s seen a few ‘Contagion’ style movies.

Home depot and lowes have some cheaper options.

Update, customer opted to save $100 and sand it themselves. Here’s the final result. I used my 1500psi fan to blast out the garbage in between, then surface clean. The strong pretreat Sunday really helped.


Looks awesome. Shame it’s in the condition that it is, but looking so much better

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