Paver Cleaning and Sealing Albany NY

Here are a couple of pictures from a recent paver cleaning, sanding and sealing in Albany NY We are using Seal n Lock for sealing so this is now a one day process.


Russ came to NOLA 2010 but I haven’t really looked at it since.

Russ isn’t with Seal nLock anymore. Good guy. I like the product. I’m going to use it for sealing stamped concrete also this year. It nice to not have to come back later or the next day to seal.

Looks great Clark.

Hi Clark. I am going to add paver sealing to my list of services this summer and I’m going to use Seal N Lock too. When my customers ask for quotes, I’m unsure how to measure square footage of irregular pool decks (every pool in SW Florida is kidney shaped it seems, and the deck circumferences are often curved too like the Albany deck you did 05/12. How do you figure sq.’ of pavers to calculate how much sealer is needed? How about how much sand?
When I bid paver pressure washing, I can take length and width measurements for driveways and sidewalks, because its easy to get close to exact sq. footage when dealing with rectangles. When I PW pool deck pavers, I don’t measure. I’ve done enough over the past two years to know the variables which take time and can eyeball the WHOLE job then accurately guess how long it will take and then price by time. I know that pavers will soak up at different rates, but how do you figure how much sealer you will need? Thanks for any insight you want to share.

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