Paved parking lot help

I have a job to do about 2,400 sqft in a paved parking lot. Almost every spot has a large oil spot in each one. Just not sure what to estimate for the job

Do you have pics?

I have four areas that are nearly identical to this one. They sprinkled saw dust in the oil spots. Which did absolutely nothing. And i only have to do the parking spots to the end of the yellow lines. I have two paved areas that are 1200 sq ft and two concrete areas that are 1400 sq ft each.

I think you could call the guy that makes dragon juice and see what he says his product will do on the asphalt. I’ve talked to him before, nice guy. You may need to leave a message and he will get back to you.

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I only know you cannot use a surface cleaner on it, at least not using normal pressure you would on concrete.