Patio Furniture Rust Removal

Had a lead ask about getting the rust stains off her patio that her furniture left behind.

I am thinking these are probably more concentrated than typical irrigation rust.

Just wondering if you guys thought the typical wash - dry - F9/RR+ - agitate process would work on these stains? Thanks!

F9, just follow the directions. Easy one

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F9 will only get about 75-90% of the stains. It’s not a cure all.
I like it and I use it all the time, but those furniture stains don’t always come out all the way.
Inform your customer and they will still think you’re great.
I only guarantee 75-90% and if it goes above, then they think I’m a hero.

Thanks guys! We have used F9 a few times on milder stains. Will set expectations accordingly.

Does anyone think the concrete looks a little odd for 3 year old concrete? Notice the surface cracking and discoloration in the second pic. I am not really sure if the discoloration is dirt or something wasn’t done right when the patio was poured?

Just wondering because the person was asking a ton of questions and wanted to make sure our process wasn’t going to damage anything. Probably far fetched but the idea popped into my head that maybe they are stuck with a patio they are not happy with. Definitely going to proceed with caution on this one.

Always trust your gut. If you think they are being shady,they probably are.