Patio/driveway help

Hey guys, this is my first ever post. I’ve been reading on this website for a while and did my own driveway/patio today to get my feet wet. Finally made an account cause I came across this problem.

This discoloration, why did that happen? It looks like it’s wet but it’s dried up. I use a 15 inch surface cleaner, with stock tips (assuming they are 2502s) 4400 psi 4gpm dewalt pressure washer.

Did I strip the paint? Is it etching? If so how can I make sure it doesn’t happen when I do my back patio. Any help is greatly appreciated :blush:

How old is the drive? I can see exposed gravel. If old, not a big deal, it happens. If new, you took off a ton of the creme.

You want to be using 2502.5 or even 2503 nozzles

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Driveway is about 5-6 years old, I post treated it with about 3% mix just to be safe. I just ordered 25025 tips for the surface cleaner to bring psi around 2500 if I’m correct.

Also how would I go about getting rid of these stripes. They’re very subtle when dry but when it’s wet the naked eye can see it pretty easily.

It’s been a scary experience so far haha. Had my pressure washer make 5-6 gun shot sounds and then shut off on me. Pretty sure it’s cause I killed it using max throttle and pressuring at the same time. But all the shaking and weird noises/smells scares me :joy:

First, always go perpendicular to the line of sight on a drive. Stripes not as obvious, and post treat at 3% should clear up any lines. If you clean it good though, you really shouldn’t need more than a hw mix to post treat with unless just a ton of embedded algae.


Do you recommend getting 25050 tips? According to the chart that would get me to 2500 psi which is what I need for surface cleaner.

The driveway has a picture frame or mirror edge finish (joints and edges smooth). To achieve this look, the driveway is broomed slightly wet then tooled, instead of being tooled then broomed, like in most cases. When the concrete is broomed wet, sand and concrete left on the surface (cream) washes off easily.


This is what it looks like fully dry. Anyway to fix this?

I’m certainly not an expert…but either let time allow mildew to build back up on there and leave it, or invest in painting supplies.

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What type of paint?

See above, exactly what I recommended

Really nothing to fix. You need to read all the comments before you ask a question.

I run a 4/4400 machine and with the 25025s I was at 2200 to the gun after a reel and 100’ of hose. I changed out to the stock 2502s and was right at 3000. That’s with a Honda 390 on it. I don’t think a 390 engine will ever get you anywhere near 4000 with 2502 tips or a single #4 tip.

You are probably shooting 3500 psi from your surface cleaner so yes it is etched. If the water flowing from under the surface cleaner is milky you are taking away cream. I dont care how old the driveway is, i am checking the flow from under the cleaner at the start. If milky i stop and reassess. I am not trying to buy a new driveway for someone. That lowes 15 inch surface cleaner and a 4k dewalt are asking for etching issues. Concrete can be tricky and the time to ask questions is before not after. If you think you know, you don’t know.

I am looking at the be pressure whirl a way 16 inch for my Simpson 4 gpm 4200 psi ( ON nameplate ) no test done to check their claim. From what i have gathered from my reading 1 gpm per 4 inches so 16 should be what i need. Also i see the book That heith has written he either has or has had the 16 inch whisper . Would this be favorable or are their better options to go with now. Do the tips come sized correctly or is this something that needs to be purchased separately to have it efficient ?

I’d go with a Whisper Wash Surface cleaner…


Second on the Whisper Wash


Man that drive is toast. And third on the Ultra Clean.

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