Parking lot striping


Does anyone here do parking lot striping?


I looked into it years ago. I don’t think it’s a super profitable market. From what I had read anyways.


I use to do it but it got to be a hassle. Everything you own winds up getting paint on it. But if you get into it let me know. I’ve got a couple of stencils I’ll let go of cheap


I have had a couple jobs that required striping after washing and I’m having a hard time finding a striping company that’s reliable. So I’m thinking about just buying the machine so I can depend on myself to keep a good reputation.

@Kps0410 are you familiar with the pricing structure? I want to run a job down to you and see what you think about it.


I wouldn’t dream of doing it a lone, but it seems some parking lot jobs want it wrapped into one. It would be a selling point to acquire the washing job.


Do you still have my number?


No, I don’t think you ever gave it to me. I gave you mine. Btw, it’s February. Got to be getting close to visiting NOLA?


I hope so. My phone is steadily ringing right now but Traci and I need a break. We’re looking forward to getting down but just have to find the time. I just bid a 53 building apartment complex so that’ll keep me busy for a while if I get it. Check your inbox


Heck yea. Good luck. That would be an awesome job to land


I do it along with curb painting as well.

It is not hard at all and yes, good money. You get to power wash first and get paid and then paint and get paid. The painting actually pays more than the power washing.

What do you want to know?


Just messaged you.


I found this site with some info:

not sure how correct or relevant it is to your market


Thanks. I looked around the net. Put together a price myself then called around and got some quotes. I found a company I like. Might even turn into a referral exchange situation. The last guy I was using was way out there and far from reliable. Time to move on, especially when my reputation is on the line.

Thanks for this link. I’ll check it out.