Parallel pump setting?

Hi, anyone done this before? I was thinking about doing that. Get two 7GPM pumps, and I can get really high GPM for softwash and roof cleaning. And if one fails, I can still work.
It’s just I am not sure whether 3/4" hose will do.

There are plenty of topics made on hooking together 2 pumps and when you need to size up hoses.

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Siamese kit…


Siamese kits would work for 12v systems as well?

Not sure but water flows thru the pumps when motor not running…to run2 12 v is just a matter of plumbing two hoses into one

Why would you want to run2 12 v pumps?

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That’s what he was asking about the 7gpm pumps I assumed.

Oh I see sorry missed that part.I’m not real knowledgeable on soft wash to answer that.I have read upon it.though the mass say 7 gpm plenty for hw.anything else would waste chems. When doing large jobs is when most say more than 7 gotta count the runoff will be alot on a house or roof if you running more than 7gpm.

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that there image is the set up of a Siamese kit…yep yep yep