Panel Bright vs. MC-Thunder

What’s your experience and results with either soap? Either one you like better?

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Is Pb basically the same soap as MC-thunder?
Or similar make up with a diff price tag?

Both are sodium hydroxide based brown soaps. I am not sure which Panel Brite you are asking about (there are many out there) and MC-Thunder does not show a full MSDS on their web site so I suggest you get an MSDS for each to compare apples to apples. There you will find out exactaly what % range of Sodium Hydroxide is in each one. But just knowing that is only part of the puzzle. Other ingredients that do not have to be listed can greatly effect the performance you get with your specific water and equipment. Like I explain in my chemical talks at conventions, brown soap trucks washes are like yellow cake mixes, they will all make a cake, but the differences as to taste, texture and moistness will all depend on the other ingredients and the oven it was baked in. And everyone will have a different preference as to what type of cake they like, moist and dense, light and buttery etc. My best advice is to get a small amount of each and to test them both at the same time, best if on the same truck, one on one side or half and the rest with the other. Only then can you really know which will work best for you.

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