Palm tree date/fruit stain removal


I just cleaned a store front in which the palm trees were recently trimmed. They trimmers let the dates/fruit hit the sidewalk and splatter leaving a very difficult stain to remove. Does anyone have any idea what will remove this? It’s almost like olive stains from a tree. My customer was not really concerned about this, but I’d like to know how to get them out. Any info would be appreciated.

Bleach - strong roof mix - spray it on and leave it. may take a day or so

I don’t touch roofs as I’m in a very dry environment and it’s not needed out here. What does a strong roof mix consist of other than bleach?

well for a flat sidewalk, don’t need much soap. How strong is your HW mix? Just need about a 3.5 - 4% mix applied direct.

Since this was a 1st time customer, I applied direct (via sprayer) as it was dirty and really needed a more concentrated solution. I’ll be doing this monthly so in the future I’ll go downstream as it gets better and maintainable. I also use a little powder concrete detergent as it smells great and works really well.

Fruit stain is probably oil based. I would try a good degreaser.

I tried that. Scrubbed it too. Didn’t do much at all. I put a dab of acid on there as well. It faded it slightly, but barely enough to tell by most people. I’m thinking time alone will fade the stains out.

I’ve sprayed SH full strength on concrete that had brown leaf stains that pressure washing would not remove and within seconds the stains were gone. The SH I used was regular chlorox from a local store. I put it in a pump up sprayer full strength and sprayed the concrete while it was still wet