Painting stamped concrete

I finished a pool deck that the owner wants painted. Doesn’t care what I use.
Also, the owner wants the driveway painted that I cleaned. But it has sealer on it and there’s a few spots that have worn but overall it’s not that bad. I believe both are stamped concrete. The pool deck seems like it would be easy as there’s no stripping. I have a spray cart i used for staining wood. Maybe I can use that to paint (?) the pool deck.

Why don’t you tell them to call a painter or someone who specializes in that. Sounds like to me you’re opening yourself up to losing a good customer.


I don’t understand why people paint concrete. I get at least 5 calls a year from people asking to remove the paint because it has started peeling and looks terrible. I would tell them i do not recommend painting it

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If I don’t do it, I feel like I am leaving money on the table. The back patio doesn’t have sealer so I figure it would be an easy job. The front has sealer on it so I don’t know about that one.

Racer gave you great advice. Those stamped concrete areas can be tricky. Beast left to people that know what they are doing


of course you are…but that’s where some things are best left. If he asked you could you demo and rebuild his house, would you? (I’m assuming you don’t also have a Class A contractors license in that rhetorical question, lol)

Even sealing pool decks can be sticky, because you need to ecucate them on the textures and potential fall hazards of what you’re putting down, or you could be opening yourself up to lawsuits if someone falls (or God forbid, dies) around that pool.

A day off beats the heck out of a day in court any day of the year.

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On the comment about ‘leaving money’, look at it this way. You can do a job that you aren’t insured/trained for and collect money, but if the job isn’t done right and they call you back or sue, where is that money now?

I’ve been approached countless times about sealing concrete. So far I don’t offer the service for various reasons, one being I just don’t have the time or knowledge.

For me it’s a chance to learn how to do it instead of relying on other people. This is the third customer that has asked me about this service.

Learning on a client’s home usually not in either yours or clients best interest.


Just to update I went ahead w/the sealer.
Well, so far it looks decent. The color was not tan as expected but oh well they’ll have to get used to it. I may put a clear coat on top.
Now as far as the driveway-I put 1 part xylene & 4 parts water and sprayed on. Well, I’m not sure it will accept the sealer I’m about to roll on tmrw. I believe it’s water based. When the xylene went on it was like ice I almost fell. But then I surface cleaned & it was not slippery. Certainly hope at least some of the top sealer came off.

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