Painted Wall with Graphics

Hi All. Long time since ive posted. Thats because with all the knowledge gained here ive been doing pretty alright cleaning flat surfaces, and its been going well! So thanks everyone for their input over the last year!!

I have a job to quote on in the next few days (swimming school), but I thought I’d give everyone my process on the clean up, and any input / advice would be greatly appreciated. I am still going through many of the posts on here whilst I await your responses!!

First things first is to do a test spot.
My current setup is a 4 gallon machine and for now I only have and Xjet M5.

My process for the exterior: Putting down about a 0.7% pre SH application. and rinse down. There are many cobwebs all over the building and thats the main thing they would like to get removed. Its the areas thats covered with the dirt buildup, (under the signage) which is of concern as im not sure if 0.7% will get rid of it. I would rather start off with a very light mix then move up.

We do not know what brand pain was used as it was many many years ago and these are new owners. There are already water streaks from over the years which i pointed out to the owners, so they are aware of this prior.

As for the internal, I have not yet come up with a plan as of yet, but the main concern is the circuit board on the right hand side of the entrance door. If I do go ahead with the internal clean, im thinking of covering up all electric circuits, and everything else that needs covering up, turning off the power, (although im not sure how water proof I could get that circuit board), then spraying a 1% mix and rinse down. They do one of those water suction vacuums, but again with the amount of water, so I could have one person on the vacuum and one rinsing…

If the paintwork is going to be a hassle with SH would water and a surfactant do the trick? I know surfactant alone would not get rid of that dirt buildup on the exterior!

Any input or ideas on how else I could tackle would be greatly appreciated!! See attached pictures of the areas:

Just an FYI he’s in Australia.

Haha yes I am… 11:25 am here!