Painted Deck

Customer wants me to wash this deck. Ummmmm… I’m not quite sure where to begin.

I’m not sure a pressure washer is the right tool. I might be better off sucking the paint off with a shop vac.

Wash it or remove the paint? Two different services…washing a painted deck is easy, throw down a hot hw mix and dwell for 15 and rinse. Removing paint…I would tie up my shoes and run

Share with us how you loaded a video directly to the forum though ?? Hmm

He does want to repaint it. I explained to him (as I do with every painted deck) that the pressure washer wasn’t going to take the paint off and there would still be a lot of scraping and sanding. But on this one, maybe there won’t be that much scraping.

I didn’t upload directly to the forum. I uploaded to Vimeo and pasted the link. The forum did the rest.

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Looks like paint with no primer put down or in it. Should be fairly easy to remove I would think

They are the best decks. Tell customer you can only remove so much and what you remove will end up in the yard. Easy to clean, can’t hurt them and usually go quick.