Paint Striping at gas station

Hey Guys,

This is my first post I have been pressure washing for about 3 years now. 90% of my work is kitchen exhaust hoods.
Got an offer to clean 10 gas stations, than his buddy liked the work so i got 10 more, now the one owner wants to know if I would re paint all the curbs and lines in the parking lot.
Anyone have any experience with this or even know how to price something like this out?

I think its like $8 Linear foot, but there’s also stencils you may need. I had a striper, but never got into it. Theres rollon and spray, rollon lasts longer. I honestly would pass if you have no experience, and want to continue doing those jobs for them.

It is not close to $8 a foot in my area @Redjess.

Thats including paint. Otherwise, $8 per parking space line. Then you have possibly needing to have blue, yellow, red and white paint on hand.

$4-8 per line. 25-75 per stencil depending on which one. The money is there is your have the proper equipment and experience. I thought about getting into it at one point but just decided to wash the lots and refer the striping. Maybe that’ll change one day. It’s a good fit if your doing parking lots already.

There is a lot of difference in $8 per linear foot and $8 per parking space line…it about $8 per line in my area.

It may be 8 linear foot on the curbing, but i really dont remember. It wasnt worth it to me. Ill see if I still have the notes I took.

3 to 4 dollars per line here. I may eventually get back into it. small to medium lots 25-200 parking spaces isn’t bad. Time wise I made more on those than the bigger ones. I don’t want to have to many irons in the fire right now. however with the right equipment it’s decent money. don’t try using a roller it’ll look like crap.

Ya I looked into the paint. Seems like most people in the industry are going inverted spay cans. It says one can will do 150 linear feet at a 4 inch line. So let’s say with a buffer that’s 14 ten foot lines per can. So my cost would be around a buck a line.
So if I priced out a gas station for at 60 cents a linear foot for spray on and 80 cents for roll on. I think it should take me about 2 hours each and I would think I should make between 3 to 4 hundred a station. Sounds pretty lucrative to me.

Oh and the shop hear says they have a sprayer they will give me to do the work. How do you say no right

Just have a plan if something doesnt go right, such as “crooked lines”. If you tcan trace over whats there, probably the easiest route, but will they be ok with it. F not, youll need to measure out spaces.

I was thinking about rigging up a guide so everything works perfect but ya many options. I have 10 of them to do so I better have it figured out by the end.
I will post some pics and things I figured out so it’s not so difficult for the next guy

Please tell me you’re not serious about spray cans. The paint does not last. even using a 4" roller would be better. It’d look like crap but at least it would last. if you don’t have an airless striper you should pass before you end up in a law suit or at best being laughed off someone’s property. if you can find one to rent take it out and fill a 5 gallon bucket full of water go to an empty parking lot and practice getting your fan width correct and tracking old lines


When I was considering it I found a place that rents them for under 200. Sunbelt

That’s power day. a week is like 450 which isn’t bad. Sounds like he would need to spend a day just practicing. That’s how i learned. I was around 12 years old. The old man that taught me filled his tank up with water and were went to a school parking lot and he let me take off. That was back when stripers had a compressor mounted on top of the tank and the paint went in the tank. You’d have to stop every now and then to turn the mixing handle to keep the paint stirred. I would love to find an old Kelly Cresswell machine.


Thats a good idea about using water.

The spray cans are for the professional paint striper. They are made for outdoor striping and I will just be rolling the rest of the curbs on.
But I really appreciate all the advice.

There is nothing professional about spray cans. However, it’s your reputation and I know nothing about it. I’ve only been around striping 42 years. I even did it as side work in the army. but it seems your mind is made up. It’s scenarios like this that makes me realize service industries need a certification process before any yahoo can start a business to include experience and testing

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Sorry man I didn’t mean anything insulting. your right I was just researching more into this. Throughout our discussion I was on a job all night just typing between spaying. I did a bunch more research once I got home and you are 100 percent right spay cans are for baseball fields. I was just listening to what these paint sales guys where telling me.
I will definitely look into outsourcing the striping until I have enough time and practice to do it properly.
Again I didn’t mean to come across as a stuck up deek.

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No problem. I just hated to see you mess yourself up before you got going good.

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