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I had a request to remove old paint that is deteriorating from a concrete driveway… Should hot water take this stuff up? Is this job going to be a nightmare? The concrete slab is 60’ x 11’

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depends on how well it bonded to the concrete. I tried to remove spilled paint on a driveway recently with 4k psi and turbo tip to no avail. It had been there for years though. The paint was coming off but so was the top layer of concrete. There may be a chemical out there that would work? I would do a test on the best, most adhered section and see what happens.

Would cleaning and repainting (possibly another color) be an option?

Fresh Look Pressure Washing

I started to answer earlier but didn’t want to buzz kill. Aircraft stripper, turbo tip, hot water, epic mess, money loss, no win.


I bid it a 1k and figured it should take 3-5 hours if it works… The guy is willing to clean up the mess and I told him not to expect a perfect result… I told him we will test a spot and if it isnt coming up then ill abort the job… Ill post up the results here…

I have a feeling it isnt going to come off…

I had a job 2 weeks ago. Someone deliberately threw a can of paint on a customers walkway. Went to remove it, cold water did nothing - hot water cleaned it much better, but wait there’s more…heres the kicker, the paint (pink) got on my boots , clothes , power washer, and van. Yippee. Very upsetting.

What about using acetone or paint thinner?

Wash Authority

This would give you a better shot at softening the paint.
Soy StripTM Marine Coatings Remover Gallon -

it also matters as what type of paint is it?? latex base or oil base, latex will come up much easier then oil

That is some ugly dark paint that has been there for a while. I would probably try what Tim said but be carful where the splatter goes could end up having paint splatter all over the house and everywhere else you don’t want it. What kind of surface is the house next to it.

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You would be better off to rent a surface grinder with diamond blade I’m betting. Talk to some guys that specialize in concrete restoration. Calvin Geddings at would be a good place to start IMO

Gel-type stripping product (pour it out & squeegee or roller to spread it), make sure its safe for concrete/masonry. Any reputable paint store should have a high quality option. Turbo nozzle and vac recovery of waste. Good money maker if bid properly, falls under my “Concrete Restoration” pricing.

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