Paint Removal on Concrete

I have a contractor buddy that builds new custom homes. I usually rinse the houses when they are done. Today he asked me to surface clean the garage floor (poured 7 months ago). I d/s EBC and let dwell 10 mins, then used my surface cleaner @ 2500psi. This is what is left over, does anyone have an idea how to remove this paint from the concrete? Would be useful for the future as I am sure this will come up again. Thanks

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If it is latex, you can scrub it with denatured alcohol. Stripper may affect the finish on the concrete. It will be a PITA, but I would use a floor scraper to get all the high stuff and then pump up denatured alchohol. After you spray the alcohol, cover it with plastic for 20-30min then surface clean.

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Make sure you charge a bunch of money because he should be back charging the painter

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It looks a little bit nicer than a typical garage. Walls are actually painted a color. And it looks like some actual moulding. It’s begging for a floor. I think it would look funny with bare concrete. Tell him to put concrete stain or epoxy over it.


That’s probably the only fix for it. The painter screwed up big time.

Tech grade D-limonene will peel paint. So will zep citrus degreaser straight if the paint isnt oil based. Zep works well if the latex hasn’t finished flashing off.

Keep it off the trim. I wouldn’t even wash in there with the trim and drywall. You could be the next guy he’s mad at.

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Thanks for all the replies. I’ll talk to him and see what he wants to do. My first thought was the painters should have used drop cloths. I’ll let y’all know what route I go and the outcome.

Why not paint garage floor with one of the kit, specific garage floor paints? If its new construction then wont look out of place at all… prolly be cheaper than continue to pay you each time you come out and wont risk damaging anything.

Just as an update, the contractor used mineral spirits and scraped the floor. Said he got most of it up.