Paint removal on concrete block wall

Hi guys. New to the business. I need to remove paint from a concrete block wall. About 6 layers of paint. 40 yrs old structure. No lead paint. Lead paint was outlawed in Africa way back. What kind of pressure would I need? 2,500, 3,000, 3,500 PSI? Do I need cleaning solvents for this? Any recommendations for PW? Brand and model.
Thanks for any help.

Sand blasting

Not available presently. Will pressure washing not work?

Pressure washer would not be the preferred tool for the job. But if need be . Some paint stripper and a turbo nozzle may get the job done. But it won’t be fun. 6 layers is a lot of paint

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Thanks. Seemed logical to do walls same as floor.

Does it have to be removed to bare brick?

I would love to. The wall has layers of oil based paint, as well as water based exterior. Really would like to get to original concrete screed.

I just did a 6000sq ft building today, removing only the cracked/chipped paint. It was paint on concrete block. I used a turbo nozzle on my 4gpm/3500psi machine, and I was done the job in 5 hours. However the spots where the paint was still good, it barely did anything, and this one only had 2-3 layers. Which was fine for me because they didnt want that taken off anyway. In your case you will be there until next year and it still wont look good. Either sandblast, or possibly apply stripper cream and turbo nozzle off but i doubt even that would get through 6 layers of paint, and what a damn mess that would be even if it did work. But you cannot do this job by just pressure washing.

Thanks for the input. I will have to try the sand blasting, probably with coarse sand. Any idea where I can get the sand itself? Once again, thanks. Much appreciated.

You can actually buy blasting media on amazon, usually come in 25lb or up to 80lb bags. You should have some local stores that sell it as well, there are a lot of different types of blast media. Best bet is go to someone local and tell them what you are doing and they should be able to tell you what type of media to use.

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