Paint on a roof job!?

I have a job where a customer spilled a bucket of paint on the roof and needs it cleaned lol has anyone run into this kind of situation? Obviously I don’t wanna use any kind of pressure, but is there a chemical solution!? Thank you guys

What kinda roof is it.
Do you have Pics.

No pics but just a shingle roof and it looks like someone knocked over a gallon of paint and picked it right up but it ran the whole length of the roof

Brutal. Do you know what kind of paint it is. Latex ?

No I asked if she could find out but haven’t heard anything yet.

I had a similar situation at a rental home we purchased. I got the paint off with rubbing alcohol.The alcohol had to stay on the paint for a decent amount of time. It was hot out so I covered it with polly but a tarp would work too… The paint re liquefied and I wiped it off with a rag. There was discoloration under the stain but I have no idea how long the paint was there. Its faded after 1 summer with no roof wash. I’m 80% sure it was latex paint. The stain was maybe 3-1 ft(3 at the top transitioning down to 1 at the bottom) in the same dripping pattern maybe 8 ft long? I cant find the pictures but I will ask my wife when she gets home. It took a really long time and a ton of rubbing alcohol. Friends told me I should have used gasoline but I did not try it so I cannot recommend it. Maybe other people here have some experience in this and know a better way. But i know first hand this will work. As far as damaging the roof I’m not sure if the discoloration was from the paint or the way I removed it but as i said it faded after about 5 months.
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If you are not sure which it is get some denatured alcohol and rub it on the paint somewhat vigorously. If it is water based it will come off on the rag, color and all. If it is oil based you will remove dirt but not paint. This is the test I use for fences and garage doors that the homeowner can’t tell me anything about. It is usually obvious but an older latex that is mostly a failed coating can fool you.
Jasco makes paint removers for latex and oil based paints. BE CAREFUL! These things work but can also give you a nasty chemical burn so suit up with Tyvek, rubber gloves, goggles etc.

Walk away. What you’d need to charge, they can get those shingles replaced much cheaper. Once you touch it, then it’s your problem.


Thank you guys seems like some good ideas. I’m not gonna spend a whole lot of time on this she just hired me for a roof wash cause her roof is black, but wondered if the paint will come off too, I told her no promises with the qoute. But sure do appreciate all the good advice!!!

I’ve heard of people spray painting to match the roof, but not sure how it’d look on a big spot

Apparently @BuzzLightyear has some chems that can take off paint lol


It only works when he is DSing them.

Ive had luck cleaning over spray on the roof with Purple Power concentrated from HomeDepot just went 1 to 1 in pump up spray and then hit with brush to agitate then rinsed. Not sure if it will work on a whole gallon but worth shot if your willing to try just cover your ass on contract.

@Sharpe I’d avoid putting any gasoline on a customers roof, or any composite roof, even your own. I know you didn’t do it, but that can dissolve a lot of things, tar/asphalt included. Avoid that like the plague.


Like paint?

Like I said it’s something an old timer told me. I can’t recommend it cus I’ve never done it. But I’m positive someone has. Is it You? What happened?

The best way to clean it is

  1. Get a roofer to quote a price
  2. Add 10% to that price
  3. Tell them that it will look like new when your done



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