Paint changed color

Hello, i was performing a housewash and white paint turned pink (attached photo). I am new and i was down streaming strait bleach from pinch a penny (10.5 but they say 12.5). I was under the impression that it is a 10:1 which makes it a 1-1.2 at the tip which is good for houses and plants? The machine is a 4gpm. Is the mix too hot? Please provide some insight. Thanks

Are you using Soap?

Did you scrub it? Was it painted red before it was painted white?

It had nothing to do with soap or scrubbing. Probably Sherwin Williams paint. Bleach flagged the color. Paint it and move on but remember to avoid in the future

never seen it with white SW…that’s a new one. I have seen videos about white stuff flashing orange, but never had it happen to us that I know of.

That’s on the vinyl windows. It’ll make your heart stop the first time it happens to you. Thankfully it goes back to white without a prob.


Lemon surfactant

It is Sherman williams. How do you avoid it? And should i have a disclaimer about paint on the quote?

I don’t know what to tell you. I just don’t wash anything that might flash. Isn’t worth the headache.

There a way to tell if somwthing will flash?

Guys stop taking ownership of things you cant control.
Just tell people that there might be some discoloration cause u are washing it after a long time.
Or.color change from dirt built up

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Found this thread while looking for an old thread I had created with the same thing happening to us (Pink lines on stucco - help needed - #5 by JimLuke) . and guess what? it happened again today :sweat_smile:

Since we’re probably going to have to get it painted I went ahead and told my guys to throw the arsenal at it: OneRestore, every single product that F9 makes, graffiti remover, 12.5 undiluted bleach, you name it we tried it. Pink hue still there… the only thing I haven’t tried is a bleach neutralizer. From what I could find online is the bleach reacting with iron deposits/particles in the paint and making the actual bleach turn pink and dying the surface.

There is no way to test for this (that I know of). luck of the draw really. But is uncommon enough that is not a huge deal. I’ll come back and comment again if we happen to find a solution other than painting.


are you repainting it yourself or hiring another contractor? looks like a small job.

hiring professional painters…I learned early on that painting is not really my thing. On top of that its a 2.5mm house so I think its best to just let the professionals do their thing