PA reclaim laws

Hello everyone. I just got off the phone with PA epa and found out some interesting information. In the state of PA any mobile power washing that uses chemicals.(including bleach and bio degradable) Whether it is fleet washing, residential or commercial. Must be reclaimed. Unless it is going into a public sewer system with the permission of the municipality who owned the sewer system and can not be let run into storm drains. So soft washing and fleet washing in PA is out of the question for me!!!

If it goes into the grass you are usually fine as far as housewash and building wash. I’m sure vendors and orgs will put an end to that soon :slight_smile:


I know of many PA companies that softwash (downstream/12V/booster) or xjet. I’m pretty sure none of them reclaim on residential, and probably not on a lot of residential either. You should contact some of those guys and find out what the deal is.

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Yeah I asked him that specific question and he said they know it happens, it’s just they don’t get caught. Any PA guys know what the secret is?


That’s funny :grinning:

Haha. Cleaning in the shadows of the night.