Oxygen Bleach Softwashing?

Hi, I’m new to pressure washing, and I heard about oxygen bleach which is essentially the same as regular chlorine bleach when used to clean, except it’s biodegradable which is a big plus where I live. I was wondering if anyone on the forum has any thoughts on this or has tried this before and what the results were like because I can’t find anything on the internet about soft washing with oxygen bleach.

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I don’t think you can get it in a high enough concentration for down streaming, can you? Based on what I use around the house for laundry and bathroom cleaning it also would seem cost prohibitive to wash a whole house with it.

It does cost a but more, however a lot of people where I live are concerned about the environmental impact of laundry bleach. And instead of downstream we are using sprayers to apply the mix. Thanks.

Hi PEIpressurewashing, welcome. We’re here on Cape Cod, so likely a similar area as you if PEI is Prince Edward Island?

Oxygen Bleach (hydrogen peroxide) is a totally different animal than sodium hypochlorite (“SH”). Depending upon what you’re cleaning and what the intent is, one is better than the other.

I’ve made some videos on the subject. Look up Outside Cleaners on YouTube. Give me a call if you want to talk in detail.


Here’s the channel. Mostly promo videos but there’s some info there that you might find of interest.

Bleach is biodegradable. Not much worse than pool water when diluted. It’s essentially salt water when neutralized.

Heck, motor oil is biodegradable.

USDA has 20 articles on cleaning with bleach.

It’s safe when used properly.

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Its actually peroxide and soda ash and water

Is there a difference between this and sodium percarbonate?

My 2¢ but oxygen bleach shouldn’t really help
Is much. That would help more for laundry and general non-pressure cleaning.
Two things:

  1. You’re introducing quite a bit of air mixed with bleach everytime you power wash.
  2. Any additional “oxygen” type chemical they add in the oxygen bleach would likely be diluted and neutralized by the extreme agitation nature of a power washer.

Oxygen Bleach isn’t necessarily a gimmick it’s just that it would have a different purpose and would not aid in power washing.