Oxy cleaners for roof?

Has anybody tried Simix Qse or some other oxy cleaner? How did it work? Are they worth the dwell time and diminished risk to property?

Absolutely not.
Save your time and money and locate a source of hot, fresh sodium hypochlorite. It’s what the shingle manufacturers say to use to clean roofs and it’s what works best. If you use a synergistic surfactant like Fresh Wash you will use less sodium hypochlorite in your mix and your mix will stay on the roof where you want it.

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We researched the “Oxy Clean” approach and found that it was what was being sold to home owners as safe and biodegradable but lacked the cleaning ability of SH. I agree with Thad don’t waste your time.

I sold a roof cleaning to someone who tried the “do it yourself” approach. The product made just enough of a difference to show him that his roof could be cleaned but didn’t solve the problem.
He is on the schedule for two weeks from now. It’s a $968 roof. It should take us an hour and a half. He already offered to go knock on the doors of the neighbors with stained roofs and line them up.

We might take a little longer because I want to do the Fresh Wash limbo and find out “how low can you go” on the sodium hypochlorite.

Make sure you get video :wink:

Thank you for the info, I will stick with the sh. Is fresh wash better than the green wash I use now?

John, there are those on the forum that have tried both. Maybe one of them will give you some feedback. I prefer to let you decide what you like best and make a decision for yourself.

I prefer the fresh wash over the green wash. Used green wash for about a year. Tried the fresh wash and been hooked ever since. Covers the SH smell better, sticks to the roof better, and my mix last longer. I have gotten up to 10-11 days and the mix not “noticibly” degrade.

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I’m really getting SICK and tired of using 12.5 %

I was hoping for another alternative like Sodium Hydrox… is no one having success with this?

I agree, i hate smelling like bleach, but love the money!

  1. A strong de-greaser on an asphalt roof is a terrible idea.
  2. You have to pressure wash to get the stains off.

Bleach does smell exactly like money to me

We make our own Oxyclean and the recipe is:

• 80% sodium percarbonate
• 10% sodium tripolyphosphate (TSP)
• 10% soda ash (also called sodium carbonate)

that mixture will void any warranty on the shingles and ARMA does not recommend anything like that. PLUS yous have to go over everything with your surface cleaner to get the stains off, not a good idea…

Roof Cleaner OX which is Oxygen Powered, environment friendly green eco-cleaner. It works great for me.

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